Blue Hat or Blue Hat?

Royal HatsOn the second day of Royal Ascot this year, The Countess of Wessex debuted a new ensemble in head-to-hem vibrant blue. Her Emilia Wickstead dress appeared again last weekend in Germany, paired with a different blue Jane Taylor hat. This quick mixing and matching of blue hats with this new frock deserves a closer look, don’t you agree?

Look 1: Royal Ascot on June 18 in the new dress and a new blue percher hat by Jane Taylor with unique woven chevron detail and upfolded back.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look 2: Attending the farewell parade of 5th Battalion The Rifles in Germany in a repeated straw percher hat with lace and curling quill trim
Countess of Wessex, July 1, 2016 in Jane Taylor | Royal Hats  Countess of Wessex, July 1, 2016 in Jane Taylor | Royal Hats


For context, this hat originally appeared at Ascot 2013, paired with another Emilia Wickstead dress in a much darker shade of blue.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

I’m curious, dear readers- which one of these hats do you prefer with Sophie’s new dress? Which ensemble do you think works best?

Photo from Getty as indicated; Dominc King, Army  Press Office; and Westfallen-Blatt

21 thoughts on “Blue Hat or Blue Hat?

  1. For all its manifest flaws, I still prefer the new chevron percher over the smaller one. The chevron percher has the scale and novelty which I associate with Sophie, and the heft to balance out her midi-skirts. In comparison, the smaller second percher, while well-done, seems pretty mainstream, as well as undersized for the 2 dresses it is paired with.

  2. I like both hats on Sophie. I noticed the first dress is the same in style but it looks like two different dresses because the first one at ascot looks more aqua and then later with the smaller hat it looks sky blue. But I really love the dress, it fits her well, clean and simple lines and I like the longer hemline (not every dress needs to be above the knee). It is fun to see how Sophie’s dress style has evolved over the years. She has really blossomed!

  3. I think both hats work very well with the new dress. To me, you have to include the purpose of the event or occasion she is dressing for in your evaluation. Hats at horse races seem to require an element of shock and awe, and glamor. The chevron percher does that for me. The second event is a more somber occasion and the smaller recycled hat when paired with the new dress delivers the proper level of respect required for the event. The original 2013 dress and hat pairing is way to matronly to ever be repeated.

  4. I like #1 on both counts, and thought this was Sophie’s best at this year’s Royal Ascot. All looks are nice and appropriate to their respective occasions. I will echo others in saying that Emilia Wickstead is not always my favorite designer for Sophie. Hems are frequently too long, and the middle section of the darker dress is quite wonky (technical term 😉 )

  5. Oh my – there was a smaller hat #2 ?? Did not notice, too busy looking at her mother! That second “new” blue dress is such a disaster. Who even notices a hat!

    First dress fits so much better, she looks lovely and could get away with any hat she chooses.

  6. I love the new ascot chevron hat and I think the size of the chevron hat balances out the extra folds of fabric on the new blue dress.

  7. I like both. The Ascot hat is wonderful for festive occasions, and I hope we see it again, but hat #2 is better for the Countess’s many working appearances.

  8. I prefer look 2, the smaller hat just looks better. I don’t hate hat in look 1, but if I were there live with Sophie, I would have to restrain myself from fixing that hat. It doesn’t seem to sit on her head correctly. I want to give it a little “tweeking” somehow. It has potential but just misses the mark.

    I like the first dress much more than the second. The second is so beyond matronly. I like the color of either blue, but that second dress is something of a disaster.

  9. I like Look Two best. I prefer the smaller hat and the light blue dress. I do think that Emilia Wickstead is not the best dress designer for Sophie. These dresses are both quite heavy looking and unflattering. The colors though are gorgeous. And I can see where the Countess would like a longer length when she’s standing on a raised platform as she was at the military event. She did look like quite the princess in that standout blue dress walking through the rows of soldiers.

  10. Dress 1 is beautiful but too much fabric, it appears to overwhelm her, so that distracts from the hat, which i do not care for either, and not sure why, except I’ve not been on board with chevrons in decor, or fashion. Dress and hat 2,– well the hat is nice, but I could see Queen Mary wearing that dress so that was also distracting.

  11. The first hat is a total miss for me, and here’s why:
    • the base sits oddly high on the head, almost as if the hat is too small for her.
    • the pattern meets the edge in odd ways
    • the material is too coarse for a dressy hat and too coarse for the fabric of the dress.
    • don’t like the dark blue fabric underneath and in back.
    • the trim piece on top looks unnecessary and oddly placed.

    The second hat, on the other hand is beautifully composed, looks light and elegant, made from beautiful materials. It looks effortless.

    So anything worn with #2 wins for me.

  12. Look 1 for me, I love, love the first hat!!! I would love to see the dress with 3/4 sleeves and a little shorter and it would be perfect for me!!!

  13. Yes, those blues surely look different from photo to photo! I like both hats, although I think the smaller one is slightly more flattering to the countess, and perhaps looks just a little more suitable in size and shape to the new Ascot dress. (The dress with which the darker smaller hat was first paired, although a lovely color, strikes me as unflattering to the countess, especially in the midsection. I very much prefer the other dress!)

  14. Look One is more festive in keeping with the Ascot celebrations. Look Two is dialed down a notch in keeping with more formal tribute. I like both looks. These lighter blues look so great on the Countess. But being a bit of a party girl I love Look One.

  15. It is curious how different these colours look on my iPad. I prefer the smaller hat worn with the lighter dress, but really it is a moot point. I like them all!

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