Wrapping Up Holyrood Week

Queen Elizabeth’s busy schedule in Scotland this week continued yesterday with the Thistle Service at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh. As always, she wore the order’s black velvet hat with white ostrich feather plume for the event and looked most grand.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Today, the British Monarchy released this photo of the Queen and Prince Philip receiving gifts from luxury goods company Hamilton & Inches, presumably during an on-site visit. While details of this event are ambiguous, we can clearly see that the Queen repeated her royal blue boater style hat with flat brim and crown, trimmed in silver braid.

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: April 30, 2015June 16, 2014; July 4, 2013
Photos of the British Royals in Scotland have been very sporadic this week- several of you have noticed that I have reposted instagram and twitter pictures shared by the British Monarchy.This has resulted in some poorer views of hats than we’re used to- hopefully, the photo drought is temporary.
Photos from Getty as indicated and The British Monarchy

9 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Holyrood Week

  1. Every time I see HM in her cap and robes of either order, I marvel at how wondrously flattering they are. The sheer bulk of fabric and the bits and pieces involved should make this ensemble overwhelm the Queen, but somehow that is not the effect. No doubt every component has been subtly modified over the years to suit HM’s now smaller frame. Of course, to see a hat made of velvet is always a pleasure!

  2. Queen Elizabeth has such a great head of hair, I wish some skillful milliner would come up with a modern small hat that would look good with her hairstyle. I’m thinking of a modified cap worn not too far back or a headband style worn not too far forward, and preferably not with any feathers, bows or netting, just a nice structural thing that matches her outfit. I wonder if that could be done without looking too old fashioned.

  3. QE looks fantastic in the Order of the Thistle cap and cloak/train. Very grand indeed! She also looks lovely in her blue hat and coat. While the hat style is one we have seen very often on her it looks great and I love the blue color. “Hats off” to both her and Philip for their stamina and good looks at their age, amazing!!!!

  4. After a week of stellar hats, this one just looks very unpolished. I don’t hate the shape, after all I like the aqua one from last weekend, here’s just something about the stark shape of this one in such a bold colour that doesn’t work for me. Shame, as I say, it’s been great to see some other wonderful repeats this week.

  5. HM looks superb in her Order of the Thistle regalia. She seems to grow younger by the day! I don’t like the royal blue hat and coat. It is unusual to see her with her hands behind her back (like Prince Philip’s usual stance). But they both look very happy with the post-it note holder!

  6. Today’s bright blue hat is the second example this week of Angela Kelly’s flat crown / flat brimmed hat block. There are at least 10 of these hats. Someone (could it be Her Majesty?) obviously likes hats of this shape.
    Although many seem to complain about the flat crown and particularly about the flat brim of these hats, and today’s is a particularly stark example, I think that the stark horizontal lines of the hat and the double row of horizontal blue and yellow trim are appropriate with the stark vertical lines of the coat’s matching trim. This outfit probably looks best from a distance, however.
    The Queen can’t always wear the Thistle outfit, can she?

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