Dutch Queen Opens Education Exhibition

Queen Máxima was in The Hague this morning to open the National Onderwijstentoonsteling (National Education Exhibition). For this event, she repeated her brown fedora variation with high crown, unstructured brim; and wide grosgrain hatband with bow loop on the side. The hat looks slightly floppier than I remembered it being the first time we saw it but its informal was a good fit for this event. While Máxima’s green accessories brought some much needed lift to the otherwise all brown ensemble, I’m not sure the mix of so many textures is a successful one.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: March 18, 2015
Don’t confuse this hat with a similar vagamond style also in Queen Máxima’s millinery wardrobe that she has worn more freqruently– the two are most certainly different hats! What do you think of this brown fedora today?
Photos from Getty as indicated

16 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Opens Education Exhibition

  1. Neither the hat nor the outfit do anything for me. I just can’t like a fedora for most royal engagements, except in a limited sphere (maybe sporty things, or attendance at public events where the royals are not the main focus, such as shows etc).

  2. I’m not a big fan of this hat. It is too drab. I think a nice crisp fedora in a green to match the boots would have been great, as long as other elements in the outfit were more neutral ( for example a cream blouse, gold earrings and a light brown purse).

  3. Overall I like it, for a day event in winter the hat is appropriate rather than a more flamboyant style that she suits so well.

    My criticism is the length of the skirt and the earrings are just wrong, wrong!

  4. Again, not my favorite hat for Máxima, but she wears this fedora well. My favorite part of this ensemble are those boots! My least favorite part is the skirt, which is too long, covering the boots and making her look odd when she walks (she looks oddly out of proportion in photo #4). And while I like the color teal for her shirt, I think just a plain shirt (no texture and no varying degrees of sheerness) would’ve been more successful. Overall I seem to like this better than most people so far.

  5. Not only is this entire outfit out of sync, in my opinion, but each specific combination fails: the skirt and the blouse clash, the texture of the jacket looks awful with the texture of the skirt, and the color of hat really doesn’t go with anything. (And the hat really isn’t all that attractive anyway: it’s too tall.) Considering how spectacular Queen Máxima usually looks, I do not understand how this outfit was put together. And then there are those earrings!

  6. Royal Hats is right, my eyes don’t know where to stop. Also, from my point of view, the shades of the jacket and hat are wrong for each other which adds more confusion.

  7. I think the green with the brown is a good color combination and I love the skirt and the green of the blouse peeking out but the earrings and green boots pushed it over with top with too much green,

  8. Twill in the skirt and then stripes in the blouse – ick – but I do like the teal green with the brown – good for this time of year when it’s so gray and cold

  9. The hat suits her very well, and I do like the color combination with the green. I just think she has chosen too many “statement” pieces all at once. Choose one and simplify the rest.

  10. I love the outfit- the blouse, the earrings, the skirt, the shoes all of it. I think the coat is calm enough to carry it off. Strangely the one part I’m not crazy about is the hat. That’s not my favorite shape for QM, and I don’t care for it’s color or somewhat rumpled appearance. Minor quibbles on a lovely appearance though.

  11. You have a keen eye that’s for certain HQ. Other than the ribbon I doubt I would have discerned the difference between the hats though the shades look different too. But that of course could always be the lighting etc.

    It is a fab hat and she wears it extremely well. I am always excited to see a post about this Queen.

    The only thing I question her taste about which is not often is her choice in jewelry. Those earrings! I’ll just keep focusing on her terrific hats and that beautiful smile.

  12. I took a look at the other hat, which I think I prefer.
    The skirt in this outfit does have green in the weave. Suppose this was why green was used to accessorize?

  13. Yes, too much going on, though I like the hat, which is very suitable to the occasion. The worst offender seems to be the skirt, which seems both too long for graceful proportions, and also to have a somewhat yellower cast than the rest of the browns the queen is wearing (at least to judge from these photos). I am glad to see that at some point, the queen got the belt on her jacket untwisted!

    • (It also looks to me in two [2nd and 5th] of the photos as if the queen’s blouse might have had ties which at one point unhappily hung below her jacket.)

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