Day 3 of Dutch Visit to Germany

King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima continued their working trip to Germany today with visits to a river water project and famed Bauhaus in Dessau and Schloss Oranienbaum. For these visits, Queen Máxima donned her third neutral hued hat in as many days, a nubby tan silk linen headpiece. We’ve seen this piece and it’s matching swing coat on Máxima a few times- she carries the the retro vibe of the ensemble so well and utilises the neutral colour to make her gold jewellery sing. Great pops of colour from her skirt, shoes, gloves and purse round out the whole picture, making me almost able to ignore the elephant in the room- the hat’s open, doughnut shape.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the “Tino” design.
Previously Worn: Mach 14, 2016November 13, 2014
If this hat was the pillbox it appears from front and side angles, I’d love it, full stop. I just can’t get on board with a doughnut. What do you think- has today’s outing altered your thoughts about this design?
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22 thoughts on “Day 3 of Dutch Visit to Germany

  1. My least favourite ensemble of the three days. I think because of the hat and the shawl. (The hat Jake offered from the 2011 visit to Germany was spectacular!)

  2. I have nothing to add to the prevailing opinions about the doughnut style, but this hat makes me think of our discussions about seasonality earlier this week. I wondered then whether there is a hat material between straw and felt that works at any time of year. I think this one hits the mark with both texture and color. Does anyone have any thoughts?

  3. Like everyone else who has posted, the donut hat is not a favorite, but if anyone can carry off such a hat, it’s Maxima! Since everything else looks wonderful on her today, the hat seems a minor problem. Someone mentioned her lipstick could have been a deeper color, but I believe she goes by the thought that either your eyes or lips should pop, but not both at the same time. I’d say Maxima chose to make her eyes the focal point. Such a polished woman and a woman that has a smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eyes 99% of the time. Wouldn’t be wonderful to enjoy life like she seems to do?

  4. What a difference one’s angle makes. In the 4th and 8th (last) photographs Queen Máxima’s outfit is stunning. The 3rd photo is not the least flattering, however: one sees the donut, one sees similarly colored hair, one sees the donut’s seam, one sees its fabric coming together at different angles. When Queen Máxima is wearing this outfit, be sure to stand in front of her.

  5. She looks absolutely stunning. While I’ve never been a fan of the donut hat, she pulled it off. My only negative is the cape/shawl that she has wrapped around her shoulders. To me it looks like she has put a blanket around her shoulders; it doesn’t complete her outfit, it distracts from her outfit. Maybe too casual for her total outfit.

  6. The hat looks great from every angle except the back. What is the point of having a hat without a crown? I wish someone could explain it to me!

  7. The open-crowned hat is among the nicer ones I’ve seen, especially with HM’s hair styled as it is. However, with the shawl, the costume looks rather scattered. Probably looks more together when the queen is seen without it. I am a fan of the butterflies!

  8. With all the padding inside the rimmed hat, it reminds me of having leftover upholstery fabric from a couch in the early 70s and making bolster pillows from it. The fabric is OK on the jacket – but the hat is still just too much for me to take.

  9. QM looks lovely and gracious as always, but this is one of my least favorite looks from her in a long time. I generally (pretty much always) dislike donut hats, and though the skirt is a nice color, the neutral top and hat leave me cold. It just feels bland. If she’s going for calming or neutral, I much prefer the gray from day 1 or the pale blue from day 2, both of which feel “toned down” without being so blegh. I do like her jewelry here.

  10. Queen Maxima is hitting it out of the ballpark again! The doughnut hat shape isn’t my favorite, but this one works so well! I love the texture, and the proportions. Do I wish it had a crown? Yes! But, I won’t banish it from the Hat Room, it works so well.

  11. I love this hat and indeed the whole outfit. What a lucky man King Willem is to have found this fabulous woman to be his Queen. Maxima looks so happy and is always smiling that big smile.

  12. This is definitely the best outing for this hat, all thanks to the way she styled her hair and wore this circlet at an angle. But I am annoyed she chose another hat that blends in with her hair. Thank goodness for the burgundy/maroon skirt and accessories, although I wish her lipstick was darker to better coordinate. Overall another great showing, but still underwhelmed by this circlet hat, which left me longing for another appearance of this hat back from a 2011 visit to Germany (although it was straw, imagine it in a beautiful velour felt!):
    Embed from Getty Images

  13. I like this look except for the fact that the hat has a gaping hole where the crown should be. I don’t like that type of hat, but it is nicely constructed and it works on her. Her hair looks great, and that really ties it all together. I always love checking out her jewelry. I want those fabulous, over the top but elegant earrings. Does anyone know who makes them or where we can buy them? I love accessories, especially earrings.

    • Check out the Court Jeweller tomorrow – I’m pretty she will cover the outing of three new insect brooches. (Just today I was kidding saying that hopefully she won’t bring along her spiders – dragon flies are much better).

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