Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to another straw boater hat worn by Queen Elizabeth, 29 years ago today. The striped fabric underlay on her hat (repeated on the binding around her coat) is such a fun touch.

Embed from Getty Images

Photo from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Shannon:
    Do you like this one better? This is Princess Diana two years earlier, in 1986. When I see hats placed thusly, it only reminds me of kids playing dress-up, instead of the hat placed forward. It’s just waiting for a breeze to catch it and send it sailing.

  2. I like the hat. I think JamesB is right that the Queen has given up stripes — has given up all distinctive patterns for that matter except for floral.

    • Yes – you’re right that the lovely golden suit reappeared last year, but it was at the back of the wardrobe for about 10 years. She should wear more stripes, I like the change.

      That Ascot pic is a hoot. She’s mixing stripes and checks, quite bold for her really. I’m not necessarily saying that’s a good thing.

  3. June 16,1970 Royal Ascot: a lot of fun here! A wonderfully colorful trio of fashion!
    Embed from Getty Images
    July 27, 2004 Royal Opening of the New Stock Exchange: this reminds me of striped wall paper. Very beautiful and elegant.
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. I love hats with stripes… just not stripes of this width and this spacing, on the diagonal, in “safety” colours. All I can see is barrier tape 😦

  5. I remember this as one of her better ones at the time. She doesn’t wear stripes these days (I can’t think of a single time in recent years, unless anyone can correct me…) but I think she should. Would make a break from florals!

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