Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: Countess of Wessex

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats The Countess of Wessex attended Ladies’ Day at the races today in a white cocktail hat in a mini-upswept brim shape, lavishly trimmed with feathers on both sides of the brim.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor. Dress is Suzannah Fashion.
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Photos from Getty as indicated

18 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: Countess of Wessex

  1. A hat that seems to epitomise frivolity with all that fluttery trim – Ascot seems the perfect place to wear it!

  2. I’m underwhelmed by this, especially after yesterday’s triumphant hat, and I find it a bit messy with the feather trim, especially on the underside of the brim on top of her head. This is her best dress of the week so far in terms of style and cut, however.

  3. A fun creation which I can imagine becoming one of her working hats. She looks less encumbered today. As much as I liked that major hat, I imagine that it took some work to wear it. I agree with Peggy about the stray bits around her face, though.

  4. This hat looks rather as if it had been put through a wind tunnel – there is trim going in every direction. Wild! Nevertheless this is a classic style for Sophie which suits her beautifully. As Shirley Jean says, the less said about the dress, the better.

  5. From the neck up, this is wonderful. Makeup, hat, hair, all of it. And then, the dress. But since this is about hats, yeah, a winner.

  6. Sophie always looks stunning, to me. Love this hat except for the one piece of feathers hanging alongside her face, and the piece of netting over her forehead – it looks like unfinished material.

  7. I love this hat, the feathers are so fun without being quirky if that makes any sense. Also Sophie has had some excellent updos lately. I’m less fond of the dress, the hem looks very wonky.

  8. This is a lovely hat for Countess Sophie. The size and shape works well for her. The plethora of feathers gives it an air of exuberance. The two tone color in the hat matches her dress perfectly.

  9. I’m a bit underwhelmed by today’s outfit. After the dramatic looks of the past few days I don’t think this is all that special. She looks nice, but it’s not a stunner like the last two glorious hats we’ve seen from Sophie.

  10. My first reaction is that there’s a little bit too much going on with that hat. But since the dress is more simple I guess it works. Her hair looks stunning.

  11. This is a stunning hat and she looks beautiful head to toe. Jane Taylor is rocking Royal Ascot! Wow.

    It made me smile to myself when I saw this hat that perhaps the Countess didn’t get the memo that it was cream / white hat day on the first day (except for the Queen of course) and perhaps should have worn this hat then, and the one from yesterday today.

    Hope Hat Queen is holding up. What a super job she is doing.

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