Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: Princess Eugenie

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats It’s always wonderful to add another milliner to our List of Current Royal Milliners and Princess Eugenie, stepping out today in a piece from a designer she has not worn before, does just this. From London label Bundle McLaren, the hat Eugenie wore to Ladies’ Day today is a navy sinamay saucer trimmed with red handmade silk flowers and navy coque feathers.

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Designer: Bundle McLaren. It is a bespoke version of the ‘Caroline’ design from SS 2017. Dress is Preen ‘Elle’
Previously Worn: this hat is new

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34 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: Princess Eugenie

  1. Absolutely Wonderful! The hat works great with her red dress. Both Beatrice and Eugenie look today like they have moved over to regal young women instead of older girls trying out the latest trends! Hoping to see more of this new look!

  2. Eugenie looks fantastic! This whole looks is so well coordinated without looking matchy. Great hat with lovely trim, and a fabulous dress. Nothing more to say here, except “brava”!

  3. Well what can I say? Princess Eugenie looks the best I’ve ever seen her. Hat is perfection, makeup, hair down works fine, very flattering dress in her “best” color and navy shoes. She’s SO put together. I think she takes the cake for Ladies Day for me!
    VERY well done my dear. She appears very happy today, too.

  4. I don’t usually like this shape of hat with a bump in the middle instead of a regular crown but this one is beautiful! The flowers are different than what we usually see. I’m wondering if they are made of some kind of artisan paper? The hat is beautiful by itself but with this dress and Eugenie’s smile, it’s absolutely stunning.

  5. Great look for Eugenie! The color and shape of the hat are very pretty, and the trim is just right. The hat goes well with the dress. Her hair looks great, too.

  6. I’m joining the chorus saying WOW! my hat of the day, if not of the week. Perfect dress, perfect ensemble. I would love to see what a hairstylist would do with Eugenie’s hair plus this hat.

  7. Hey, hey a York sister finally floats our collective boat. Eugenie looks fabbitty-fab-fab. Everything – hat, dress, hair, shoes, oh my. Sophisticated and smart. So now we know she CAN do it, fingers crossed she WILL do it more often.

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  9. I will always love Eugenie in red, always. This dress is a great silhouette for her. The hat is beautiful, really beautiful. Put this milliner on speed dial, Eugenie!

  10. Beautiful hat! The shape of the hat and the contrast of colors make it dramatic. But the simple flowers and delicate little feathers make it so pretty and elegant. Just goes to show, a hat doesn’t need to be overdone to really stand out.

  11. What happens to hats worn by Beatrice, Eugenie, Zara, Autumn? You never see them wear the same one more than once. Are they borrowed?

    • Good question. I’ve always wondered if the clothes and hats worn by some royals are “product placement” in exchange for the publicity and privilege of saying the royal had worn their designs. The royals away from the main line have varying amounts of finanial resource, but few could casually drop the kind of money those hats and dresses bring, when they have to do it so many times over a year for public events.

  12. Princess Eugenie looks gorgeous. I love this colour on her and airy feel of the hat, it’s shape and size, and the flowers are a lovely addition and not twee. And the placement is perfect. Beautifully put together head to toe. Well done.

  13. That’s a great look for her. Everything goes together well, and she just looks amazing. Love it. This is one of her best looks.

  14. She looks fabulous!!! I love the dress, I wish it was in my closet! I’ve grown bosomage (what a great word) in my golden years and that dress would be great on an old woman too! And the hat is absolute perfection!!

  15. She looks fabulous (and I think she knows it!). Would love to see this hat paired with a navy coat or dress in the fall.

  16. I think the hat is excellent. And following on from the Day 1 discussion about hair down or up, I think this is a look where hair down works perfectly well and the effect of the whole ensemble is nicely proportioned and balanced. Eugenie looks splendid.

  17. Well, yes! Much better! With her “bosomage” and short waist, she really doesn’t need the cummerbund waist, but that is just picky. She looks lovely. Such a pretty girl. I didn’t see the hem of Bea’s dress before. Oh, that just adds to the chaos. This still beats the stripe chevron thingie she wore a couple of times, but not by much. 😉

  18. Effortless! Princess Eugenie looks stunning in this ensemble and the hat is simple and elegant. I particularly like how the sisters look together with their similar hemlines and hat silhouettes, lovely!

  19. This entire ensemble is beautiful! Classic and lady-like. I especially love how this color combination offers a cheery pop of contrast.

  20. She looks fabulous! The dress is a wonderful silhouette on her; it fits beautifully; and the hat is smashing!

  21. Fabulous! She looks amazing. Great hat, nothing too out there actually, but the scale is great on her. And its pairing with this dress is perfection – the dress is a fantastic shape for Eugenie, It flatters her curves and bosomage (I’ll use that word again seeing as I like it!), and emphasises her slim waist. Red is so good on her – every time she wears it (well bar that odd and unflattering mac affair a few years back) she looks fab.

  22. I adore this hat so much! It looks amazing on Princess Eugenie. Great scale, great colors on her. Just fabulous!
    This is my leading hat contender for Day 3.

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