Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: Princess Beatrice

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Princess Beatrice arrived for Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot today in a large, black straw hat with wide, upswept brim, embellished in cutout white lace flowers.

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Designer: Nerida Fraiman Design SS1004 from SS 2017
Previously Worn: this hat is new

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25 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: Princess Beatrice

  1. I love this overall look on the princess. She looks stunning! I also love her braid with the black ribbon. It provides a change from the normal chignon or simple ponytail

  2. The size and shape of this hat are an excellent departure from her normal styles! I do think the rose appliqués are a bit random for my tastes, but overall this is a fun hat. As for the dress, overall I really like it, but I wish her sleeves were just all that dusty blue instead of the black.

  3. Love the hat on Bea! Great shape and size that flatter her face. Unfortunately the dress is wonky. It doesn’t fit correctly on her hips. The idea of color clocking and full skirt could be flattering, but the fit is off.

  4. So much lace on hats this year! I love it! Beatrice looks great in a bigger brim and her braid is a nice change. I don’t like her dress but I really love this hat on her.

  5. Yes to the hat, which is a great choice for a summer’s day at the races and really suits her, but I’m not so enthusiastic about the rest of it. The dress is a bit weird and I don’t like her plait sitting over one shoulder as it distracts from the lines of the dress. What’s wrong with having it hang down at the back? The bow begins to look like some super-large brooch. I agree totally with JamesB about the sleeves.

  6. What a fabulous look! Beatrice loves to wear the trends, and I am thrilled to see her hair worn in that flattering way, in a fashionable braid with the fashionable black ribbon.
    I am so pleased to see her in a big hat, as they are her forte. This one is perfect for her in size and shape. I like the see-through straw and the doylies, (although their placement could be improved, as others have said).
    The dress is just so refreshing to see paired with this hat! and the shape and design really show off Beatrice’s figure to best advantage – I do wish more royals would dare to wear colour-blocked dresses. But unfortunately. neoprene is a beast of a fabric (hot, too) which does not like to “move” and has limited design applications — as we have seen lately with Queen Maxima (hello bluebell sleeves!). This dress is marred by poor fit, and stitched pleats which won’t behave due to the neoprene. Nevertheless the concept of the outfit is flattering, creative and right on trend. Good job Beatrice!

  7. The hat is very nice. The irregular placement of the “doilies” is a bit odd, but otherwise, it’s a good shape and flattering on Beatrice. Unfortunately, it does not go well with the dress. Not only do the dark longer sleeves look like she’s wearing an undershirt under a short-sleeved light blue dress, but the hip pleats are set at *just* the wrong spot to be particularly unflattering to her figure. Beatrice often chooses nice hats, but I find her dresses often either don’t go well with the hats or are just odd enough that I’m completely distracted from the nice hat. She could greatly benefit from a good stylist to help her create ensembles that go together much better than many of her current choices do. I do like her shoes, however; they pick up the white in her hat very nicely, just on the toe, and yet aren’t matchy-matchy.

  8. Wonderful hat, including the lace appliqué roses. The dress is rather distracting–it feels like something is wrong or missing. I think the hat saves the ensemble. I am glad to see Beatrice with her hair “tamed”; the braid is nice, but I think it would be better if it were tied off farther up, to leave a loose “tassel” end to sweep her shoulder.

  9. I like it! The hat is quite lovely and I adore the “doilies” my only quibble is I wish the dress had some white blocking to bring the colors all together.

  10. This hat and dress don’t work together well in my opinion – I also don’t think the floral appliques are well done at all. These sisters sure do wear a lot of new hats that we never see again. I wonder if they are on loan for their use by the designers and then taken back?

    • The York sisters repeat many of their hats and when they do, I think that’s very good indication they were purchased.

      The royal I do strongly suspect of this Zara Tindall. She’s not repeated a hat in several years and her work includes all kinds of sponsorships.

  11. The hat is attractive, although I am reminded of doilies(paper or crocheted) adorning it.
    The dress has, as someone else said, too much going on.

  12. This is a lovey look for Princess Beatrice and I love the satin bow and braid! The color blocking of her ensemble is modern and she chose a hat with a clean line and simple trim which is perfect. Her overall look is fun and youthful while still maintaining elegance, bravo!

  13. I love the idea of this look, but wish the hat wasn’t so confirmed to the shape of her head – I rather like the shape of Eugenie’s hat today, or perhaps if the roses were more 3-dimensional. Love the contrasting blues, think there are places the look could be polished, but props to her for trying something bold. 🙂

  14. The hat is super. Her overly tricky dress and trimmings (I’m looking at you, hair ribbon) need editing.

  15. The shape and scale of this hat really suit her. I find that her hats often don’t seem to fit quite right, but this looks perfect.

  16. The hat is lovely. The braid bow is distracting, as is the too tight through the hips dress. I could see this with a simple white dress with an a line skirt. Wish they would dress for their shape. but I do like the hat on her. –

  17. Great hat, and in the head shots she looks adorable. When the dresss is visible, it detracts from the young fresh look. This and the dress the other day look heavy and the construction is off. She is such an attractive young woman, and I like to see her dress her age. This dress just looks mumsy to me.

  18. The shape and scale of the hat looks fantastic on Princess Beatrice, but I’m not loving the white floral cutouts. I love her dress, and her hair braid.

  19. This is a lovely hat, and proves that wide brims really are your friend Beatrice. It’s really pretty and suits her so well.

    I just don’t get its pairing with this modern, graphic dress, the styles clash. I also don’t get the odd sleeves, they look like gym-wear! The hat she wore on Day 1 about 3 years back (a modern disc style) would have been a much happier pairing, with this hat saved for a cream sheath. She just needs to calm things down a bit, there’s too much going on again.

  20. I really like this hat. The scale works for Bea. I’m not sure about the dress, however. Sometimes I think the Yorks tend to have a little too much going on. Like the pleats, two-tone sleeves, color blocking. She looks fine, I just see potential here to look great.

  21. This is a cute hat, a good shape for Beatrice and for summer wear. It looks good with her hair restrained, although that braid is a little too young. Her dress is a lovely color, but the front pleats are unfortunate.

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