Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: Queen Elizabeth & The Duke of York

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Those of you waiting or the Queen to wear pink to Ascot need to wait no more! Queen Elizabeth attended the third day of the races today in a bright pink hat, covered in the same fabric as her coat. The hat follows a fairly simple shape with a short, upturned brim and slightly sloped crown and takes inspiration from the accompanying floral printed dress for its pink silk snakeshead fritillaria flowers and green feather leaf side trim.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: this hat is new

With his father still in hospital, the Duke of York stepped in to accompany his mother in today’s opening carriage procession, wearing a black silk top hat.

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22 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: Queen Elizabeth & The Duke of York

  1. A great color on HM! What stood out for me today on HM was the decoration on the hat. The green was a pop of color. The other two standouts were the brooch and the fact that Prince Andrew’s tie was pink to match!

  2. I don’t find the fully covered fabric hat as obvious as I did for the Opening of Parliament; the more subtle pattern and this particular color I think help. I was betting on blue for Ladies’ Day, and pink for Friday, so 3 strikes thus far this week; c’est la vie haha. This isn’t my favorite hat ever for HM, but I think it’s a good hat for future working events, and the color is beautiful; I really like the pairing of green with this fuchsia. I think the double collar is fun too and gives this outfit a little more oompf than what we usually see.

  3. I guessed HM’s hat colour correctly 3 days in a row, but I must admit my guess was for pale pink and this hat is anything but subtle. But I agree with all the other commenters who love HM is bright colours. I also agree that the asymmetrical brim of this hat makes it much superior to other Angela Kelly fabric covered hats that hat even upturned brims. What I love most about this hat is the use of the soft green feathers to represent leaves for the flower trim.
    My guess for HM’s hat colour for Day 4 of Royal Ascot was pale blue or aqua but after this her appearances to-date I think I will change that to BRIGHT blue or aqua!

  4. Lovely hat and outfit! and the green feathers even match the grass – an unexpected Ascot plus!
    This hat is already a favourite because of the unusual flowers on it – what a refreshing change from seeing roses all the time. And I love the matchiness and the texture. The texture adds so much more interest to HM’s outfits (which are at risk of seeming all very much the same).

  5. Her Majesty looks so wonderful in bright colors, and she’s certainly exceeding even her usual levels of brightness for this Ascot! This is a beautiful shade of pink; with HM’s amazing complexion, she’s always looked lovely in pink, and even this bright a shade doesn’t overwhelm her. The hat is attractive; I like the asymmetrical brim, and I much prefer the crown gently sloped to the front, like this one, to the more angularly side-sloping crowns that Ms. Kelly is so prone to producing. I agree with commenters who suggest that the fabric-covered hat is a bit heavy for this time of year, but if she likes it, I’m not going to argue.

    Like many others of you, I was sitting here thinking she had to be too warm in the coat and gloves, and then I realized I’m sitting here in Florida wearing long pants and socks because I’m so chilly from the air conditioning, and I’m considerably younger than Her Majesty! At the Queen’s age, my mother always wore sweaters indoors and, whenever she went outdoors, warm jackets, knit hats, and knit gloves. So HM should dress as warmly as she needs to! After so many years of uncomplaining service to her people, she’s certainly earned the right to be comfortable. How many people are still working as much as she does into their 90s, after all? If I’m doing even half as well at her age, I will be very contented indeed!

  6. Love the color but the hat is so heavy looking covered in the matching fabric. Straw would have been better. I also think the trim is heavy handed. I know it matches the dress fabric but not every flower looks right on a hat. Andy looks good in pink!

  7. The queen looks lovely in a well-fitted coat and a hat squarely in the mid-range (from my point of view) of Angela Kelly’s performances. Wonderful color, perhaps one too many fritillaries. The queen undoubtedly has input into the fabric and weight decisions of these ensembles, and presumably knows what she likes.

  8. I like the fact that the brim is asymmetrical. I think the completely even short brims we sometimes see on Angela Kelly’s hats tend to a boxy look. And this is a good colour!

  9. The color is nice; the fabric covering makes the hat look so heavy. Angela, step away from the matchy. To people wondering why the queen wears coats in warm weather, remember that she’s 91 years old — my mother is that age, and she gets cold so easily now.

  10. Does other look like a summer outfit at all. Looks too hot in color and heaviness. I like the shape of the brim, but straw would have been much better. Must she always wear a coat, even on hot days?

    • The Queen has omitted the coat in the past, so it isn’t as though she feels she has to wear it. I think it’s probably the fact of being 91 and the elderly tending to feel colder than younger people. You’re right, it was sweltering hot on days 1 and 2 (cooler and windy today, Thursday) and I’m not sure she even removed her coat later in the day, so I think it was more about her feeling comfortable like that than it was about form.

  11. I like this ensemble, although it looks heavy for the warm 2nd day of summer.
    June 22 saw a lot of pink in the past, also!
    HM on June 22, 1984
    Embed from Getty Images
    Queen Mother and Diana on June 22, 1989
    Embed from Getty Images
    The Queen Mother’s LAST Royal Ascot appearance, on June 22, 2001
    Embed from Getty Images

  12. I like the colour and design a lot. The tailoring is pretty good for AK. I think the hat would have been better in straw, or even with the brim in straw, it’s just a lot of texture.

    So at first I thought we had drooping tulips and I was perplexed. But now I see they’re something else and I get it.

    All told though, Id rather have seen the lovely pink getup she wore on the day before her 90th last year today instead of this one…

  13. I really do not like these AK hats covered in fabric – certainly not at this time of year – they look too heavy. The Snakeshead Fritillary as trim is not on for me either – it is such a delicate flower with gently nodding bells – these look clunky and heavy. I love the colour on HM – she really can carry almost any colour – but I wish AK would lighten the designs a little.

  14. I really enjoy royal hats. However I think that today’s hat has fritillaries not tulips to match HM’s dress design. Tulips stand upright, fritillaries droop down. They are often seen in as wildflowers in meadows in the UK also available as garden plants. Nicky

  15. It is an attractive hat and outfit. We’ve been treated to lucious shades of green, yellow, and pink from HM at Ascot this week!

  16. She looks marvellous in that colour. I love snake’s head fritillaries in my garden. Not sure about them on a hat. All good wishes to Prince Philip for a speedy recovery.

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