Royal Ascot 2017 Day 4: Wrap Up

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece attended Day 4 of Ascot today with friends. She wore a new cocktail hat by Philip Treacy with button base, trimmed with two straw and crin twists.

John and Lady Carolyn Warren were part of the royal carriage procession today, accompanied by horse breeder, The Hon. Peter Stanley,  and his wife, Frances. Lady Carolyn wore a beautiful icy grey-blue disk hat with button crown, trimmed with  a silk bow and spray of feathers in the same hue. Frances Stanley wore a large Philip Treacy hat with off centered crown, trimmed with a gold silk signature Treacy bow and spray of feathers.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Baroness Floella Benjamin presented several awards today in a strikingly avant garde black felt top hat with blue floral trim.

Embed from Getty Images 

My “Nod To Milliners” pick today it is Rosie Olivia in an exuberant red, ruffled cocktail hat with grey floral trim.

Finally, I sign off today with this charming photo share by millinery suppliers, Petershams. When it’s hot at Ascot, the tops and tails come off!

See you all here tomorrow for the final day of this year’s races
Photos from Getty as indicated

11 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 4: Wrap Up

  1. Love Baroness Benjamin’s sassy top hat!

    Zara has worn quite a few of Rosie Olivia’s perchers, and I’d love to see her in this ruffled number.

  2. Another great hat from Lady Carolyn! I’m thinking she might’ve worn this one before (either Ascot or Epsom), but I will take a harder look around later and see.

    The placement of Marie-Chantal’s cocktail hat is off; seems to sit too far back on her head and too high that the base is clearly escaping; disappointing considering she’s had some fantastic looks in the past.

    Great to see Baroness Benjamin in this fun take on the top hat; that necklace is amazing too!

  3. Lady Carolyn always looks amazing. Her hats and clothes are always perfect and she gets it right every time. What a glorious, fun week this was with so many glorious s hats. Thank you HQ for everything you do.

  4. Lady Carolyn never disappoints. Can anyone identify the dress she is wearing? It may be just me but she somehow reminds me of Diana. HQ, thank you for a fabulous job this week.

  5. Thank you so much for curating a fascinating selection of pics for us to view. I’ve not been well this week, but your posts have given me so much to look forward to!
    Lady Carolyn Warren: Exquisite hat and outfit as usual. Her necklace would look even better with larger diameter earrings.
    France Stanley:The colour suits her well. Her fabulous Treacy hat may perhaps be a little broad for someone of her stature – I am not sure that even Camilla could pull this one off.
    Baroness Floella Benjamin: a wonderful bold choice. For a closer look at her top hat, see here 2:19-2:53. It looks like the real deal.

    HQ, the last pic makes me smile. I see a woman’s hat on the hedge, and I note only one top hat has been put down correctly, i.e. upside down, though at least the other top hats are laid on jackets. I hope all the wearers enjoyed their day.

  6. HQ, this has been an awesome week, and we all truly appreciate your hard work and time spent on such a beautiful millinery adventure. Take the weekend off!

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