Luxembourg National Day

Members of Luxembourg’s royal family celebrated their country’s national holiday today in a slightly lower key way than in years past (fewer family members in attendance and no hats worn for the annual military parade. For the Te Deum for National Day at Notre Dame du Luxembourg cathedral, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa topped her cherry red dress and coat with a new disc hat in matching straw. The hat features a gentle curve around the back and is very simply trimmed with a looped ribbon of straw.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie topped her pink caped sleeve dress with a matching cocktail hat. Built on a triangular straw base, the hat is trimmed with looped crin embroidered with beads, which relate wonderfully to the beaded neckline on her dress. We’ve seen Stéphanie struggle with percher placements before but this one is in a great spot on the side of her head and the bright colour is absolutely fantastic on her.

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Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Sylvia Martinez of Les Folie’s Bibis
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Just two hats for National Day in Luxembourg is a little disappointing- thankfully, both of these designs packed a lot of punch.

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Photos from Getty as indicated and The Catholic Church of Luxembourg

16 thoughts on “Luxembourg National Day

  1. Excellent hats and outfits for both ladies! I hope hats return to the military parade and more family next year.

  2. Excellent hats for both of these beautiful women! I am glad Maria Teresa’s hat has just a simple loop, any other decoration would have detracted from the look. Stephanie’s hat on the other hand with the same detail of gems on her hat as dress bring the two together. Both women look great in their dresses.

  3. I really love the Grand Duchess’s hat, it’s very simple but beautiful. I think Stephanie looks excellent too. Though I do think Stephanie’s outfit, with the sweet colour, short length, jewelled neckline and glitzy hat decor, looks as though it’s more suitable for a wedding or a garden party. (I know people accuse Stephanie of dressing too old, and I’m not advocating that, but I do think that picking the right outfit for the right type of royal occasion is actually a big part of royal dressing, and one that many royals get wrong sometimes.)

  4. Both royal ladies have “hit it out of the park” with their hat selections, dresses, shoes and accessories. Love the bold colors on each and agree with others that HGD Stephanie finally got the hat placement correct; over the right eyebrow and on the side a little bit-perfect! The jewels on the hat coordinate with the jewels on her neckline and I do love the looped crin trim. GD Maria-Teresa’s hat is just lovely and I would include it in my top 10 millinery picks for this year! The red is gorgeous on her and I agree that the lace on her dress is perfection.

  5. Maria Teresa looks fabulous in this bright crimson; the hat is very flattering for her, and the lace details of her dress are excellent.

    Great to see Stéphanie finally get a cocktail hat’s positioning correct! This is a fantastic look for her and she shines in this shade of pink.

    I wonder why Claire wasn’t involved this year? I hope hats aren’t going away in Luxembourg.

  6. I love the bright colours on these ladies. Not only does this make them highly visible, but the colours are very becoming to each of them. Stephanie seems to have really hit her stride sartorially lately. Perhaps her mother-in-law’s influence?

  7. Both ladies look beautiful and I love the bright colors. Stephanie looked especially good. Sometimes she has a tendency to look almost matronly, but this time she looks youthful and serene. She is almost glowing. When she gets it right, she is just amazing.

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