Royal Ascot 2017 Day 5: Princess Beatrice

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Princess Beatrice enjoyed the final day of Ascot races today in a simple, unembellished, black straw beret hat.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Emily London. Dress by Amanda Wakely
Previously Worn: this hat is new
Photos from Getty as indicated

16 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 5: Princess Beatrice

  1. What a lost opportunity. The simple dress shape suits her so well and, minus the added-on belt (whose white doesn’t match the ecru of the dress), this versatile frock would suit a plain hat of almost any colour of the rainbow. Even ecru. Just not plain black – unless it had a contrast trim, say in ecru, to “pick up” the body of the dress.
    And is there any hat style more conservative, low-key and restrained than a beret? it’s perfect for a funeral or memorial service (which is when I imagine we will see it again)… but this is Ascot. A wide-brimmed semi-sheer angled hat, like the one she wore the other day with another Amanda Wakeley wide-hem dress, would balance this one better, and effortlessly generate some impact.
    But that said, this is a very beautiful beret indeed, and well worth more wearing.

  2. The hat is cute and while it goes well with the dress I think a large simple black picture hat would have given the look a retro look! All in all a nice finish for Beatrice!

  3. This has a schoolgirl vibe that I don’t like on Princess Beatrice at all. These berets look so stylish on the Duchess of Gloucester but I think this one looks childish on Beatrice

  4. Is this on loan from the Duchess of Gloucester? She is usually the beret-wearer in the family. Agreed with all that this one, while sedate, is a good match for the dress.

  5. A great look for Beatrice, although for Ascot I find it extremely sedate and boring; on any other occasion it would be perfect. I do hope she repeats this again.

  6. I agree with others that a simple hat is the best pairing with this dress (which I love). However, I would have picked up on the red in the waist detail and gone with a red or white hat instead of the black. Handbag, bracelet and shoes look great, especially love the burgundy bag.

  7. Like this a lot. She’s pared it back, and that’s all for the better! She suits either wide brimmed hats or simple small ones, as this week has shown.

  8. I love the head-and-shoulders shot–she looks fabulous. However, in the full length shot, the belt is ruining this outfit for me. I see a clash of two cultures…French and Aztec. I would love to see this outfit with a white belt. She would look SO cute then! (reminding me of the Strawberry Shortcake Doll, Crepe Suzette).

  9. For me, this is a great look for Beatrice, I would love to straighten the hem on her dress though……she seems to have a penchant for wobbly hems.

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