Royal Ascot 2017 Day 5: Queen Elizabeth & The Duke of York

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Queen Elizabeth ended a fantastic week of Ascot hats today with a new hat in the most wonderful shade of magenta. Following a familiar shape for her, the hat features a gently upswept brim and stepped crown and is trimmed with a multi-looped straw bow and flowers coordinating with those in her accompanying dress.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: this hat is new

The Queen was accompanied in the carriage procession again by the Duke of York who wore his black top hat.

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27 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 5: Queen Elizabeth & The Duke of York

  1. The Queen was the lady in PINK! Lovely, lovely! I am glad to see the Duke of York with her again today.

    Thanks Hat Queen for all of your work I love this site!

  2. Lovely outfit and that brooch – wowser. I particularly like the flowers on the hat, they are beautiful. Isn’t HM lucky being able to look good in everything from pale colours to saturated?

    I echo all the others with grateful thanks HQ. It’s been fun. Cin-cin.

  3. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Your blog is always fascinating and this last week has been breathtaking!

  4. I would’ve said this was more on the fuchsia scale than the magenta scale, but I guess my perception of color is different from a lot of people haha.

    Despite that fact, this is another fantastic hat for HM! Beautiful shape, beautiful color, beautiful trim. It’s definitely been a while since we’ve seen HM in a color quite like this, and I’m glad for it’s return. So many new hats for HM this week; it makes me wonder if one of these was meant for Trooping the Colour, but she decided to repeat her ice blue hat instead because of the mournful national mood and to not draw as much attention to herself? Of course, pure speculation on my part (hope it wasn’t inappropriate to voice it!).

    • I originally called it “orchid purple” but changed it to “magenta” right before publishing because that’s how Rachel Trevor Morgan described it!

      I also was wondering which one of these hats was intended for Trooping the Colour. I think, in the end, the Queen did exactly the right thing choosing the familiar blue Somerville last weekend and leaving the new hats for Ascot.

      • I think today’s orchid purple (great color name choice)/magenta hat would’ve been the one for Trooping the Colour, if indeed one of these Ascot hats was intended for then.

  5. WOW! Amazing. She saved the best till last! I’m in love with that ensemble. All week it has been a parade of wonderful hats/coats and I can’t recall when we last saw such a splendor of magnificent outfits. This one, however, is my absolute favorit. A perfect color, a fitting cut and a hat that should be included in all millinery bibles all over the world. HM&RTM&Parvin are a match made in heaven!

    Thanks, dearest HatQueen, for keeping us up to date during that busy week. You are simply the best!

  6. Thank you Hat Queen for bringing us all the Ascot glory this week, as well as events in Italy and Luxembourg! Go have the treat of your choice and relax with our everlasting thanks!

  7. Her Majesty looks beautiful and the hat is spectacular! You can tell the quality of the trimming and that Rachel Trevor Morgan is at the top of her game. I’m sorry to see the end of Ascot but hope that all of the queen’s outfits make it into the regular rotation.Thank you Jimbo for the flashback pics.

  8. Best of the week – like this a lot. I reckon she’ll get a lot of wear from this one. Great colour and the cut of that coat is lovely.

  9. Have run out of words of praise for Her Majesty’s hats, and her attire in general. Gorgeous color, wonderful floral trim on the hat, echoed beautifully in that incredible brooch. Wow–I wish I had half her verve. (And your stamina, HatQueen!)

  10. Wonderful, as we have seen the entire week! I was hoping Chuck’s wish of purple or lavender would have come true, but there’s always Royal Ascot 2018 to anticipate. HatQueen, take a month off- you’re fantastic!
    My last installments of Flashbacks is really a mixed bag today. Pickin’s are slim for this date – JUNE 24.

    June 24, 2006
    Embed from Getty Images

    June 24, 2011 (not the Royal Ascot, but still horse-related:
    Embed from Getty Images

    June 24, 2014 – I just LOVE this selfie being snapped in Northern Ireland.
    Embed from Getty Images

    • I think I would have won on purple with this hat. The poor bookies had a hard time this week with HM’s hat colors since several of them weren’t exactly a particular color. I read somewhere that on Friday they paid for bets on blue, green, and one other color I can’t remember. So likely they paid today for pink and purple. I didn’t get a single of my bets correct this year (barely did any better on the horses!) so thankfully I was just playing from home with no money on the line. Next year I’m returning for at least 3 days of Ascot so I better hone my skills before then!

  11. This is my choice for her best of the week. While it doesn’t break new ground, the color and shape are great. The trim has the punchy contrasting colors missing in the pale jade.

  12. Beautiful color; she looks wonderful in bright, clear shades. I just love that she has a working uniform of coat, dress, hat. All she has to do is decide which one to wear. The Queen Mum had her uniform too with her frothy hats, floaty coats and dresses. It’s a reassuring constant in an ever changing world.

    • Oh, BTW Hat Queen, in your description above I think you mean “flowers” instead of “feathers.” Thanks so very much for your wonderful coverage of Royal Ascot this week!

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