New Hat For Queen Margrethe

Queen Margrethe arrived aboard the royal yacht Dannebrog at Aabenraa Port on Saturday morning, en route to her summer residence at Gråsten Palace. Her official visit was short (long enough to greet the mayor and listen to a brass band) and she surprised with the debut of a new hat for the occasion. In pale pink straw, the hat features a tapered crown and medium length brim, gently upswept on one side. The brim is edged in slightly darker pink fabric with a slim stripe of white piping repeated from the Queen’s jacket that also peeks out atop a pink hatband. White silk flowers on the right side of the hat complete it. It’s a less vibrant look than we’re used to seeing on the Danish queen but a decidedly refined one. That simple use of white piping gives such a polished look to both the whole ensemble.
Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen. White silk flowers by Danish fleuriste Effi Pingel
Previously Worn: this hat is new
What do you think of Queen Margrethe’s new hat?
Photos from Claus Thorsted via Scanpix

21 thoughts on “New Hat For Queen Margrethe

  1. Your word “refined” is a hint to me that QM may be taking some advice from her sister Benedikte with regard to her hats. While more conventional, B has wonderful taste in hats, and I’ve only seen a few I thought missed the mark. This hat has Benedikte all over it. It is a shape she would wear, and she does seem to like pink. After all those hideous beanies, I think both the color and shape look of this hat look very well on the Queen……whether it was her sister’s idea or not.

  2. This whole ensemble is very Margrethe in the best way possible. It’s not fussy, it’s matching, and it suits her well. I especially like that this hat could be easily paired with other outfits (I’m all for versatility with hats) since the details don’t specifically tie to this particular outfit (as most of her other ones do with matching fabrics, etc.). The color is a nice soft tone, and the piping on the jacket is a subtle and well-done detail. Brava!

  3. The color and shape are both very flattering. I love the use of the piping. This one is a great departure for Queen Margarethe, and she must be happy to have a little protection from the sun.

  4. Absolutely love this hat and color on Queen Margrethe. So glad to see something pastel on her instead of her usual “artsy” colors. Pastels on QM seem to be very becoming with her coloring. Here’s hoping to see more of this type of hat and pastels on this cheerful queen!

  5. Blimey – a new hat! That’s a rare sighting. And I like it too, quite understated for Marge. It’s quite a lot of baby pink, but she makes it work. And it’s new!!

  6. Very charming–and a surprisingly sedate look from HM. I am wondering, HatQueen: Is the pink on the brim actually darker than the hatband, or is it an effect of being in the shadow? Whatever it is, it looks very nice, and casts a beautiful pink glow on the queen’s face.

    • Good question. As the edging encases the brim, it also doesn’t allow light to stream through (unlike the straw) which could also be contributing. The effect certainly is a shade darker, which I really like.

  7. That style and color is very becoming for her. I truly dislike her beanies so this is a vast improvement as far as I’m concerned.

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