‘New’ Hat From the Past #12

Royal Hats to September 17, 1998 and a lovely cream and pale purple hat with back bow, high ruched silk hatband and wide brim worn on a trip to Brunei. Does anyone know if this hat was ever repeated?

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12 thoughts on “‘New’ Hat From the Past #12

  1. I like this hat. I could also like it without the bow on the back. I think it looks better with the coat/jacket but I reserve the right to change my mind if a full length picture is found. I hate to say this but the style of HM’s dress just makes her look dumpy.

  2. I really don’t like to see a floppy drapey busy dress like this one worn with such a sharp hat. I feel it lets the hat down. A sharp pink suit with white lapels to pick up the white fabric in the hat would have been a more successful solution, and in keeping with nineties style, I feel. (But, definitely not in the mauve colour shown in Jimbo’s pic).

  3. She really doesn’t wear day dresses like this any more does she. It’s always a coat with a shift, which is a shame as I like this outfit.

    The hat is a winner. Would pass muster now.

    • Great view- the hat is purple straw with a white silk pleated hatband and overlay on the brim. Interestingly, it appears that different types of straw were used on the hat and the bow- if you look closely, the straw is a different texture and weave. If only we had such closeup views of every hat!

    • Jimbo (<– note correct spelling), the climate of Brunei is hot and humid year round, up into the 80s and 90s F, and September is the end of monsoon season, it seems surprising that HM would want to be wearing a coat or even a suit jacket — could this photo be from another occasion? I tried to do a Google image search on it, and all that was returned were images from the animated 2001 movie "Atlantis: The Lost Empire"! Apparently the Queen resembles one of the characters. (Or vice versa.)

      That being said, I really like this hat — the multi-layered hatband combined with the large bow are so interesting, and I think with the right outfit it might even be worn today.

      • Matthew: Sometimes we receive more than we ask for!
        Embed from Getty Images

    • I came upon this image while looking for something else and it looked familiar:
      https://www.pinterest.at/pin/249457266843117998/ or
      Embed from Getty Images

      Obviously not the same hat, but (though lacking the back bow) quite similar, and only two years later. I wonder if they were made by the same milliner.

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