Hat Surprises From British Royals at Braemar Games & Sunday Church

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were joined by their two eldest children Saturday for the Braemar Games. For the event, held each year at Fife Memorial Park, the queen repeated her pink felt hat with square crown and short, cartwheel brim. Her gold feather brooch tied wonderfully with the feather trim on her hat!

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Designer: Angela Kelly. Made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: Feb 2, 2014; Apr 21, 2017
The millinery surprise at yesterday’s event came from Princess Anne, who decorated her well worn navy felt trilby with the same navy and cream straw figure eight bows and cream feathers as adorned the straw hat she debuted on July 13. I’m not usually a fan of mixing straw and felt on the same design but anything Princess Anne does to jazz up her hats I will fully endorse. Well played, don’t you agree?

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Mar 16, 2016May 12, 2015; Aug 17, 2014; Dec 4, 2012; Sep 1, 2012; Apr 2, 2008, Mar 10, 2006Mar 19, 1998Dec 25, 1994
Clearly, a good time was had by all!

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Millinery surprises continued today when Queen Elizabeth stepped out for church in a black lace covered hat not seen since it’s single outing during a visit to America in May 2007 (a hat several of you have wished to make another appearance!). The photos aren’t good through a passing car window with Braemar forests casting an olive hue over the piece but it looks just as lovely as it did when we first saw it. Princess Anne repeated her trilby (I think that’s the fastest repeat of a royal hat we’ve ever seen) without the straw decoration.

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: May 7, 2007
I absolutely adore that these women, after entire lifetimes of wearing hats, are still able to surprise us with their millinery choices. What do you think of these hats worn up in Scotland this weekend?
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22 thoughts on “Hat Surprises From British Royals at Braemar Games & Sunday Church

  1. The pink hat is still not my favorite for HM due to some of the details, but overall it’s a good look for her. As for Anne’s hat, while I like the idea of adding something to spruce up this older fedora (which she has worn at Braemar before), I’m not certain taking trim from a new hat recently debuted was the best choice. Ultimately though it does modernize the hat, which is more than I can say about the rest of her outfit.

    Glad to see this black and white lace hat has not disappeared for HM! And I love she’s still pulling surprise moves like this at 91.

  2. I am usually not a fan of Anne’s hats or clothing, but I have to say I loved her hat with the embellishment and her clothing. I don’t have a problem with the hat and her clothes together, I think that she is showing some style and I applaud her for it. I do agree with Peggy that she looks better in darker colors rather than pastels. Loved the Queen’s choice of pink tweed. She looks good in that color. The black and white hat is one of the least favorites I’ve ever seen on her! Not a good look!

  3. Ah! The Bush-Wink Hat! A priceless facial response from HM after receiving such an un-protcolic signal from President Bush!
    Embed from Getty Images
    This is almost as surprising as seeing the kindly gesture this summer at Canada House, so HM wouldn’t tumble hat-over-heels down the steps!
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. Although Princess Anne’s patterns don’t match, she looks smart in navy and red.
    They all have such a good time at the Braemar Games. Fun to see.

  5. I think Princess Anne’s hat looks great with the added decoration and it goes well with her timeless outfit. I wonder if a certain portion of the Queen’s wardrobe is stored at Balmoral and that’s why we see certain things there, like the dresses with jackets and some not often repeated hats.

  6. I agree with JamesB, P Anne’s hat trim doesn’t go with the check pattern in her outfit. Perhaps she thought so too, and that’s why she took the trim off later on? Anyway, subtract all check suits, and then I think the hat with added trim is a great look – although hopefully the trim hasn’t been put directly on top of that side bow we see in the car pics (too messy, surely?); I trust that the bow was removed for the Games wearing.
    And I agree with Peggy about P Anne currently looking best in darker (and mid) colours. But pastels will work for her if ever she decides to let her hair go grey, as HM has done.

    • Interesting comment about Anne’s hair. I have noticed that, in extreme close up shots of her lately, that threads of silver are randomly appearing in her hair! I have no proof of this, but wonder, if like my late mother, she is one of those people who stay “ungrey” for longer than most of us? As for the hats, I do love both of them, and always look forward to the reactions to the shenanigans at Braemar.

  7. Always love the photos from these Annual Games… there’s usually a photo of the royal party laughing heartily at something going on!
    They look like they enjoy their time there immensely.
    Liked HM’s pink hat.
    Does anyone know which Tartan the Prince of Wales is wearing?

    • If you google “List of tartans” you will find quite a few illustrations. I think it is most likely related to his role in Scotland as Duke of Rothesay.

    • Every pic I browse of Prince Charles in a kilt seems to show a different tartan
      http://www.tartansauthority.com/tartan/the-growth-of-tartan/royal-tartans/ Reading this webpage, I was surprised at the sheer number of tartans which the royals wear. And who knew that Princess Margaret and Marina Duchess of Kent each had a tartan designed and named for them?
      Charles looks absolutely spiffing in today’s outfit – and given that royal men don’t often wear much colour, it’s great to see him sporting this bold palette. It’s very flattering.

      • Mcncln, I agree 100% The tartan worn today is a wonderful pattern, and it goes well with Prince Charles’ tie. One of the most popular tartans worn today by non-royals seems to be the Burberry Tartan, and I’m not a big fan of it, in light of the magnificent, colorful plaids available.

      • Jimbo, the Burberry “tartan” was invented by the Burberry company to put on their products, it’s not a plaid with any historical connotations. If you are seeing a lot of people wearing it, it just means you’re seeing a lot of people who bought their products. It’s trademarked (or maybe copyrighted, I always forget the difference between those two) and they will go after you quite aggressively if you use their plaid without their permission.

        • Thank you, Matthew, for the explanation. Very interesting. Today, I’ve been Youtube-ing the Braemar Gatherings from the past. Absolutely thrilling, spectacular fun! The sound of pipes and drums, along with the sight of the heather trimming the Royal Box, sends me to another misty world! My one trip to Scotland was in 1994, and I long to return there.

      • No, the Balmoral tartan is grey, black and red. A different blog identified the tartan as one related to Bonnie Prince Charlie, and said it raised a few eyebrows.

  8. I still like HM’s tweedy number and this was one of my guesses for the games this year. Anne’s hat and outfit look like they are for two different events, they just don’t go.

    But HM’s black and white…. whooooah! So she waits over 10 years and thinks… ‘I know, Angela dig that little number out again’. I mean I’m happy to see it (and I wager we’ll see it again), I just think it’s A) a little odd and B) testament to the size of the working wardrobe as this one (and many others), has obviously been hanging there waiting for a rewear all that time.

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