Princess Mako Announces Engagement

Princess Mako formally announced her engagement to Mr. Kei Komuro, a lawyer she met  in 2012 while attending International Christian University in Tokyo.  Princess Mako arrived at the Imperial Palace in a pale turquoise calot hat with silk floral trim at the side that she removed for the press conference. It’s a typically demure design that while unexciting, is a lovely colour on the young princess.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new
The young couple is expected to marry sometime during the autumn of 2018. Princess Mako’s royal status will end with her marriage, although I suspect we’ll still see her from time to time at family events (as we do with her aunt, Sayako Kuroda and cousin, Noriko Senge)
Photos from Asahi and Asahi

7 thoughts on “Princess Mako Announces Engagement

  1. Thank you, HatQueen, appreciate it! Avery, the direct link did open on my tablet, perhaps it varies from one type to another, but thanks also for your additional link!

    They are a very cute couple, and I hope we will continue to see Mako at future family events, even if she is no longer royal.

  2. Pretty color and decoration. Getty Images has another photo 842083236 where it looks more like a calot or large headband.
    I guess wearing hats at the engagement press conference is optional. Masako and Noriko wore hats but other women didn’t (Sayako, Kiko, Nobuko, Hisako).

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