Queen Elizabeth Opens Bridge

Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth officially opened Queensferry Crossing, the world’s longest three tower cable stayed bridge, near Edinburgh. For this event, she repeated her familiar blue felt hat trimmed with chrysanthemum feather flowers.

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Designer: Designer: Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren. Coat designed by Stewart Parvin
Previously Worn: Oct 27, 2016Mar 14, 2016Nov 12, 2015; Jun 11, 2015Apr 5, 2015Oct 24, 2014Apr 8, 2014; Oct 23, 2013

Perhaps more interesting than the hat (if such a thing is possible!!) was the addition of Prince Philip at the event and the bridge itself. This one is a beauty.

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9 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Opens Bridge

  1. The brooch, THE BROOCH! While it’s not usually the purvey of this blog….Imagine if HM had appeared wearing one of Queen Mary’s Hats that had only been seen once previously in about seventy years (or even one of her own hats from the 60s or 70s)…..hatters would go nuts! What a lovely tribute to Scotland as well.

    RE: Prince Philip, MrFitzroy thinks we will continue to see him more frequently than might have been thought….while he has retired from his many, many patronages, and his heavy solo schedule — it seems likely that he will continue to accompany the Queen on many (most?) of the higher profile events he would have previously attended with her. In fact the larger retirement could even be viewed as a way to preserve his energy for such events as this one….while still giving him a hall pass for lesser events he might decide to skip, or days when he’s feeling less than par.

  2. I thought Prince P was retired now and we would only rarely see him. Maybe long as he is feeling good, we get to see him tag along – but he doesn’t need to explain if he is not having an appearance as to why. His frequent illnesses of the past year, always put a sense of sadness into whatever affair HM was attending if he was not by her side I felt. As for HM’s hat – it’s a bit messy with it”s adornment. But I do quite like it other than I could flatten out that crown some and feel a lot better.

    • My sense is that he’s reserved the right to join in for events that are of interest to him. I think it’s great he’s feeling free to sit things out in general, and tag along when it suits. Maybe he wanted to see the bridge?! It is quite spectacular.

  3. You know we’ve all been thinking about little seen hats we’d like to see again? Well this is the opposite.

    I like it, but I’m so bored of this hat!

  4. Everything is magnificent! The hat, the historic brooch, Her Majesty, His Royal Highness, and the marvellous bridge itself.

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