Swedish Royals Celebrate New Prince

Yesterday morning, a Te Deum mass was held in the Chapel of the Royal Palace in Stockholm to give thanks for the family’s newest member, Prince Gabriel Carl Walther. The Queen led her family in a lovely pink silk floral suit topped with her white pleated straw calot hat with back bow and net tulle veil. It’s not the most exciting of hat but it paired well with Silvia’s suit and made a lovely emotional connection to the new baby- the hat’s last outing was for the Te Deum following Prince Alexander’s birth in 2016. The Swedish royals have a penchant for personal connections with their sartorial choices and this was another sweet touch from this royal grandmother.

Queen Silvia, Sep 4, 2017 in Mode Rosa | Royal Hats Queen Silvia, Sep 4, 2017 in Mode Rosa | Royal Hats

Designer: Mode Rosa
Previously Worn: Apr 24, 2016Jun 6, 2014; Sep 8, 2013May 10, 2013; Apr 16, 2013 
While Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine both skipped hats for this event, Princess Christina trotted out a favourite- her black silk flower headpiece (affectionately known here as “The Helicopter”). The hat is a zany one, no question, but I must admit that it’s pairing with Christina’s bold, striped dress here is the best match we’ve seen so far. It’s also fantastic to see Christina doing so well following her health crisis… she likely deserves a few passes to wear whatever crazy hats she wishes.
Countess Marianne Bernadotte wore my favourite hat o the day, an ecru straw cocktail design with pillbox base trimmed with a large straw and silk bow curl and a swath of net tulle veil. The jaunty angle she wore the hat is the secret to its success here and the pairing of hairstyle, jewellery, hat and suit is wonderful. There’s been ongoing debate here about mature royals and cocktail hats- I think Marianne’s hat proves that this style, when done right, can work beautifully at any age.
Countess Marianne Bernadotte, Sep 4, 2017 | Royal Hats Countess Marianne Bernadotte, Sep 4, 2017 | Royal Hats
We’ll no doubt see more members of the Swedish royal family in hats for Prince Gabriel’s christening but for now, what do you think of this millinery trio?
Photos from Pelle T. Nilsson via Stella Pictures

11 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Celebrate New Prince

  1. For me, The King stole the show. He is handsome and fierce in his beautiful suit. Perfectly tailored! He just totally distracted me from the hats, but I do love that flower/helicopter hat.

  2. I like all 3 hats.
    Q Silvia does the “Jackie Kennedy pillbox” look to perfection, and the whole ensemble is both sleek and pretty, even though the belt detailing adds unnecessary bulk to her slender waist, and the necklace needs to be shortened a bit, and (preferably) worn with a high round neckline.
    P Christina: the “helicopter” is a show-stopper, and I agree with HQ that Christina’s minimalist sheath dress is the right complement to its boldness. Replace the old-fashioned crystal necklace with something more modern (plain black beads, for example), and I’d give this look 10/10.
    Countess Marianne: I agree with HQ, this hat is a great look for her. Some have commented about the ecru colour, but it’s hard to say if it suits the Countess or not from these photos, due to the unfortunate lighting.

  3. I love Sylvia’s hat and her outfit! A very successful pairing IMO. Same with the Countess’s hat. As for P. Christina she did look very happy and that is the most important thing. Victoria and Madeleine not wearing hats doesn’t bode very well for the future of hat wearing in Sweden. We will keep our fingers crossed!

  4. I like everything about Silvia’s outfit except for her hat. I just find this particular one too conical, and I think something in pink would’ve tied into her outfit better.

    I know I pretty much hated Christina’s headpiece in the past, but this time she looks much more comfortable and natural wearing it for some reason, and therefore I find it successful; not my favorite piece ever, but much more successful.

    I thought Marianne looked fantastic, and she definitely wore my favorite hat of these three. I’m not certain why people think older women can’t wear cocktail hats; Marianne and Katharine Kent prove otherwise. Let’s not try to pinhole people into certain styles and instead allow them to express themselves with a variety of hats!

  5. How beautiful the queen looked! I’m sure she was so happy that she would have looked wonderful in any event, but the hat and costume work together beautifully, and suit her to a T. I can’t say I like the princess’s bold stripes (certainly not going in a horizontal direction), or the hat, but she looked so joyous (especially in the closeup), it doesn’t seem to matter. I do not think the countess’s hat too young for her, but I do wonder whether a brighter color would have suited her white hair and pale complexion better.

  6. The helicopter hat is always great — but gads, that outfit she has on with it looks like she is going to a rugby match! I’m not a fan of Countess Marianne’s hat – it’s too young for her. It might have worked if it was in a darker shade maybe IMO. Queenie Silva looks very nice.

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