Danish Royals Celebrate 500 Years Since Reformation

Members of the Danish royal family joined their Parliament’s celebration ceremony for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation today in Copenhagen. Queen Margrethe led the royal delegation in the purple pillbox she wore earlier this week in Italy. It’s a quick repeat for this sequin and feather trimmed hat, one that we all seem to agree is a great one for her.

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Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: Oct 28, 2017 March 17, 2015
Crown Princess Mary repeated her black calot hat. The feather and felt leaf spray that was added to the piece back in 2015 for the opening of parliament seems to be a permanent addition, as it has adorned the hat ever since. This trim a much needed focal point to the simple design, which was paired beautifully (as always) with Mary’s black and cream ensemble.

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Princess Marie used the occasion to debut a new hat in a stunning deep peacock blue felt. The percher design, with a button base, is trimmed in overlapping felt leaves. The design has a very similar feel to a grey calot hat in Crown Princess Mary’s wardrobe and makes a great addition for Princess Marie- the colour is so wonderful on her. I just wish she had placed it further up on her head, centred over the arch of her eyebrow. 

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Designer: Likely Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Princess Benedikte repeated her fuchsia bumper hat. The pink bow that adorned the piece last time we saw it has been removed again, leaving just the purple feather koosh ball which coordinates well with Benedikte’s coat. The hat is a beautiful colour and adds a punchy note to her ensemble.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: April 16, 2015; October 5, 2010; 2007

It’s not often that we can line up four brimless royal hats at a single event and say that all four pack strong style punch. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this millinery quartet.
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12 thoughts on “Danish Royals Celebrate 500 Years Since Reformation

  1. Great hats….love each of them. Brimless hats work well when there are lots of “hello-there” kisses. Does anyone remember Queen Letizia look of anxiety when she had to kiss Camilla during their UK trip?

    • Hahaha Peggy, I don’t remember the moment you refer to, but knowing the size of Camilla’s hats, and Letizia’s relative inexperience in hat-wearing, I can fully imagine it. Challenging!

      • Manoeuvring one’s hat under Camilla’s large brims for a customary greeting kiss could be a challenge for even the most experienced of royal hat wearers! I know many readers here are not a fan of percher hats but they make such salutations much less complicated!

  2. I like all of these hats quite a bit (even the koosh ball!), although I do agree that C.P. Mary’s dark hat is very hard to see against her hair, at least in these photos.

    • The photos of Mary at this event aren’t great and believe me, I’ve searched for better ones! Jump over to previous wearings of this hat for much better views of it.

  3. Slightly disappointed to see Margrethe repeat this one so soon (not even one different hat in between appearances), but this is definitely one of her best hats.

    Mary looks quite elegant, but I feel this hat gets lost in her hair, especially since her hair is so dark.

    Marie’s cocktail hat is a great color and design, but I agree it would look much better with a different placement a little higher and more forward on her head.

    For whatever reason, I don’t have a problem with the large koosh ball on the back of Benedikte’s hat, and the color is always great and works well with her mulberry outfit.

    Yes, it is very interesting how all four of them wore brimless hats, but they all worked quite well overall.

    • I thought it was interesting how each of the hats, while being a very simple shape on their own, packed a whole lot of style punch thanks to their colour and trimmings. I sense an overwhelming preference for brimmed hats among readers here (the bigger the better!) and I love it when a small hat delivers like these do.

  4. I agree all hats are winners.
    I’m especially excited to see Marie’s hat. I usually find her hat (and fashion) choices to be disappointingly staid. But this hat, with its colour, creativity, and drama, is just what I’ve been waiting for. Brava, Princess Marie!

  5. I think the royal ladies all look magnificent, and I actually did like all the hats. I agree that Marie’s hat would have been even better at a different angle, but it is a lovely color all the same.

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