This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe attended a worship service at Holmen Church last Sunday which celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Danish Sømandskristians and International Crones. She wore her burgundy brimless hat with black trim.

Nov 12, 2017 | Royal Hats

Crown Prince Frederik in a tyrolean hat to host the King Hunt in Gribskov in North Zealand

Princess Beatrice in a natty trilby at the “Be Cool Be Nice” anti-bullying campaign book launch

The new millinery designs that jumped out at me this week:

Interesting fedora/homberg hybrid from Australian milliner Helen Kaminski for our beloved male readers
Smart black straw pillbox base cocktail hat with silk flower trim from Cessiah Alice Millinery
Bright orange fedora from Parisienne milliner Veronica Merucci Chapeaux
It takes a lot to make me notice a fascinator but Lisa Tan certainly did with this white layered design  
Same for this stunningly beautiful but slightly bonkers floral headpiece from Australian brand Murley & Co. Millinery

And this season’s surging return of the boater continues with four wonderfully trimmed designs from Millinery by Mel

 Royal Hats

Stunning photo shared by James Ogilvy of a Queen Anne’s lace seed head about to open

Princess Charlene shared these sweet snaps of her twins’ first haircuts

And finally, a beautiful portrait of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh released today on the occasion of their 70th wedding anniversary on Monday.

Photo from Jens Astrup, Scanpix and social media as indicated

6 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. When my maternal grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1973, we all thought how HUGE the event was. Then, in 2013, my parents (both gone now) celebrated their 60th! WOW! Now, HM and PP on their 70th! Many congratulations to them from across the pond.
    BTW, neither my grandmother nor my mother were out riding at the time of their big days!

    November 18, 2017

    • This is such a lovely picture!! Cheers and Blessings to Her Majesty and the Duke!!

      All the hats today are so lovely! Lisa Tan’s fascinator is just stunning. The layers are perfect! The twin’s haircuts, they are just adorable! Thank you, as always, Dear Hat Queen!

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