Ascot Day 1: Princess Royal

Princess Anne arrived with her mother for the first day of Ascot this morning, no doubt a happy day for both with an announcement from Buckingham Palace this morning of the safe arrival of her fourth granddaughter (a girl for Mike & Zara Tindall). The Princess Royal repeated a hat we’re getting quite familiar with- her oyster straw design with sideswept brim trimmed with cream feathers and apricot and cream curling quills.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

No question, this is a chic hat for Anne. We saw it just a few weeks ago so there’s not much to say beyond complimenting (again) the scale, shape, and well balanced trim. I’m just ready for a bit more variety from our favourite royal hat recycler. Princess Anne has added a number of new pieces to her millinery wardrobe over the past year and I hope she spreads repeat wearings out between them a little more.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Amy Morris-Adams 
Previously Worn: June 4, 2018;  June 20, 2017May 20, 2017 
Any new thoughts on this hat for Anne?
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11 thoughts on “Ascot Day 1: Princess Royal

  1. This is a good look for Anne, but she did just wearing this whole ensemble 2 weeks ago, not to mention this was also the hat and outfit she wore to Day 1 of Ascot last year. I would like to see her bring back some other outfits and hats instead of repeating these beiges and browns as she’s been doing recently.

    • Jake, I’ve been following Princess Anne since we were both teenagers, and I would venture to guess that we on this blog keep closer track of when she last wore something than she does!

  2. I feel like repeating the same comments for Anne as I did for Camilla. This is a great look for Anne and she looks lovely but the color is a bit boring. Maybe she wanted her mother to stand out and not compete.

  3. Lovely hat on the Princess Royal.
    You can just see a tiny peek of her apricot dress underneath the coat. I wish we could see the dress and hat sans coat as it would have been quite striking.

  4. When Anne smiles her whole outfit looks so much better ! … the last time I saw this hat she didn’t look too happy but today this hat looks so good and it really looks attractive and suits her so well

  5. Princess Anne looks lovely. I really really like this hat. The York sisters were perhaps my favorite today for overall looks, and I like Sophie’s hat the best (it would have been Eugenie’s but I didn’t care for the tassel). Really everyone looked lovely.

    I think there were a lot of really really good hats, but I’m just grateful to HM, because I’m going to be extremely sad if we have an entire week of Ascot with only HM dressing in colors. I mean, everyone looked great today, but so many neutrals and pastels are a bit bland all as a lump.

  6. I love the hat. She looks terrific, and she must be delighted to have another granddaughter. The coat and hat go well together, She recycles everything, and she usually does look wonderful. I can only think of a few things over the years that didn’t work.

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