Ascot Day 3: Wrap Up

While the third day of Royal Ascot did not see many noble guests (that I’ve been able to identify, there were still lots of wonderful hats to share! Joining the Queen in her carriage for the opening procession was Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, son of Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain, in a black silk top hat. The fourth rider, Sir Nicholas Bacon, wore a grey felt top hat.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Lady Carolyn Warren wore what looks to be a round pink brimless hat trimmed in net tulle. Her daughter, Susanna repeated her round cream bumper percher with mass of feathers around the top. Not visible from far view, this Emily London design’s base is entirely beaded and glints in the sunlight.
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Ladies’ Day always sees wonderful hats in the crowd and these designs on non-royal heads stood out to me  at the races today:

Emily London’s black and white patterned wide bergère hat with pink roses
Gina Harding’s raspberry beret base Jane Taylor percher with triple berry hued crin ruffle
Heather Morris  in a white straw Yuan Li London Millinery inverted saucer with red lace applique
PR executive Nazer Bullen in a veiled Rachel Trevor Morgan mushroom brimmed hat with veil
Lizzie Hughes in a Guibert Millinery coral sidesweep with vibrant floral trim to match her Marc Cain dress
British milliner Alexandra Harper in a textured mint green boater of her own design
Gravity defying bow on this magenta metallic hat from Ana Bella Millinery. Love it with the green dress!
Australian milliner Lauren Ritchie’s white mini boater with fantastic purple striped ribbon trim
Francesca Cumani in a Jane Taylor textured bandeau with beautiful pink feathers
Irish milliner Aoife Harrison in her own upswept design with vibrant floral trim
Sasha Evans in an almond straw vertical Rachel Trevor Morgan saucer with bow trim
Jackie Appel in Harvy Santo’s incredible structural black heapiece

And finally, two people we hear much about here at Royal Hats but seldom see- Rachel Trevor Morgan and Stephen Jones. The curve on the crown of Stephen’s hat is so dapper and the flowers on Rachel’s hat (clearly her own design) are stunning.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

What other hats jumped out at you today on Ladies’ Day? See you all back here tomorrow!
Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

17 thoughts on “Ascot Day 3: Wrap Up

  1. Thanks for the shots of our beloved milliners Stephen Jones and Rachel T Morgan, and also Stuart Parvin!
    Susannah Warren looks amazing. Like Princes Diana, she has the height and long lines in her build to carry off a floaty high-necked romantic “grandma” dress (which Diana did so well) without looking frumpy- something incredibly rare to see. Her hat (and hair-updo) is accentuating those lines beautifully – a perfect hat choice!
    HQ you found some awesome non-royal hats. My faves: Emily London’s bergere, Heather Morris in Yuan Li, Frances Cumani in JT, Aoife Harrison’s hat (styled to perfection) and Jackie Appel in Harvey Santo.

  2. Reading and interpreting the Royal Ascot badges update! While I don’t think I/we will ever completely figure out the codes of the various badges, I did notice on various people and in some photos a badge that wasn’t the Royal Box (deep purple and oval) badge, but also not the day/3-day/week badge for the Royal Enclosure. There was a lavender badge as well. I believe that may be a badge that indicates the wearer will be given entrance into the Royal Box for tea at the appropriate time. I do know that each day there is a list of people who have been invited to tea and it only makes sense that there would be a quick way for those who have been invited to gain entrance (no queuing). My friend, who is English, an older gentleman, and long-time member (50+ years) mentioned one of the lavender badges and, in the same breath, said Royal Box. Again, we’ll probably never know the full key to all the various badges, but I found this interesting since we had the earlier discussion.

  3. I saw Stephen Jones yesterday. And his top hat is most definitely silk and very nice. One of my friends that I spent the day with stepped on the foot of Princess Aila (Jordan). He said he received a nudge in his back to move away from her. We noticed lots of “undercover” security near the area where she was watching the racing.

      • I don’t know. I didn’t see her, only her multiple morning attired and top hatted members of her security team. They were watching from an enclosed area off the main concourse of the grandstand. For me, other than Stephen Jones, I didn’t see anyone of note yesterday. But it was quite crowded (not surprisingly).

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