Luxembourg National Day

Members of the Grand Ducal family took part in celebrations of their national holiday on Saturday. Following the official ceremony and military parade, the family attended an inter-religious Te Deum mass at the Cathédral Notre-Dame de Luxembourg.

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Grand Duchess Maria Teresa led her family in a sleek pale lilac dress and jacket topped with a matching percher hat.

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In straw, the large button base is trimmed with a pair of entwined straw twists. Maria Teresa’s placement of the hat is spot-on and the scale is good on her. While some might year for a hat that makes a larger statement, I though this piece carried on the sleek tone set by her outfit and the pieces complimented each other, and their wearer, well.

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June 23, 2018 in PT | Royal Hats Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie wore a soft pink brimmed hat with shallow, almost saucer crown and sideswept brim, trimmed with silk ranunculus and hydrangeas and pleated green straw nautilus-like spirals on the brim’s lower side. While this hat is all about that beautiful, painterly floral trim, I also like the scale, gentle shape and soft colour on Princess Stéphanie. Sylvia Martinez has provided some new shape and styles of hats for the Hereditary Grand Duchess and it’s wonderful to see their millinery collaboration growing, particularly with such great results as this.

June 23, 2018 in Les Folie's Bibis | Royal Hats June 23, 2018 in Les Folie's Bibis | Royal Hats June 23, 2018 in Les Folie's Bibis | Royal Hats

Designer: Sylvia Martinez of Les Folie’s Bibis
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Claire topped her lilac eyelet lace dress with a bright pink silk flower fascinator tucked behind her right ear. The headpiece’s scale and placement is great and while the colour is lovely on Claire, I’m not sure about the colour balance between the bright piece and her pastel dress. I think the softer pink floral headpiece she wore it with at National Day in 2016 made a more successful pairing.

June 23, 2018 | Royal Hats June 23, 2018 | Royal Hats June 23, 2018 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

Princess Alexandra also paired her dress with a floral headpiece. A rose shaped flower in pale pink rolled fabric, the headpiece is trimmed with pink silk leaves and pairs harmoniously with her dotted pink dress. It’s a good piece that’s good on Alexandra and good with her dress… good but slightly boring.

June 23, 2018 | Royal Hats June 23, 2018 | Royal Hats

Some have suggested this pink headpiece is the same as the one Princess Claire wore for National Day but close up views show that the fabrics, scale, center detail and use of leaf trim are all different.

Designer of Alexandra’s headpiece: unknown
Previously Worn: It is new
It’s always lovely to see the whole family at this event. I think my favourite hat is fairly transparent in this post- what do you think of these designs? 
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Photos from Getty as indicated;  Lex Kleren; Catholic Church of Luxembourg

12 thoughts on “Luxembourg National Day

  1. Rarely have I seen such a well-coordinated group of royals — it’s hard to imagine that they did not decide in advance what colors they would wear!

    The behind-the-ear floral pieces both have a very island vibe — I half expect to hear music from “South Pacific”! Both of the hats are lovely, and very appropriate for the occasion, though I agree with the comments already made about the placement of Stephanie’s hat. Particularly in photos #1 and #3, it looks like it might slide right off. But the floral trim is awesome, and definitely of the caliber that drew me to looking at hats to begin with!

  2. I appreciate GD Maria Teresa and HGD Stephanie wearing hats. MT’s percher is perfectly placed but the twists resemble horns. I don’t know if curlier or another position would look better. Stephanie’s bigger hat is lovely. A slightly forward placement would look better but that’s a minor issue.

    Princesses Claire and Alexandra… hmm, somewhat disappointing. The positives: Claire’s bright pink flower gives her ensemble a nice pop of color. Alexandra’s coordinates with her peach wrap dress.

  3. Definitely a good choice of hat for Maria Teresa, but I do wish the lavender color was more saturated; the close up photo that features her purple earrings shows how lovely the color coordination is.

    Overall I really like this hat for Stéphanie. I do wish it was tilted a bit more forward so the trim was more visible head-on. I do think her dress is a bit simplistic/informal for the hat, however. But she’s definitely looking more comfortable in hats these last few outings, and ultimately hasn’t been afraid to try some different shapes and colors throughout her royal life, even if they haven’t always been successes.

    I like the more saturated pink for Claire, but ultimately I just think this large rose hair clip just isn’t enough. The details on Alexandra’s floral headpiece are much more refined and work better for me, but again, it just doesn’t seem like quite enough; but, in comparison to some of her previous outings, this is a very well put together ensemble!

  4. The twists on Maria Theresa’s percher give it just the right amount of interest for the ensemble.

    I love this hat on Stephanie! It looks as thought it could have floated onto her head. I initially thought that the beautiful trim, “painterly” as HatQueen so aptly describes it, could be a lighter, but i’m Changing my mind.

  5. The Grand Duchess looks more beautiful than ever and that at 62, gives us all hope! Love her hat, it’s elegant and understated. Was thinking about how an extra colour in the hat might even be an added value, but may be not.
    Love Stephanie’s hat because it is fun.
    Could I ask as to may be at some time give an overview of the hats worn by the GD as she was still the Heriditary GD? I have always followed her but at the time there were barely any photos available and I haven’t been anle to find them now.

  6. GDMT looks wonderful and very regal! HGDS’s hat seems lop-sided to me, or maybe bottom heavy, on the verge of toppling off. I don’t think too much of the two flower pieces on the two princesses, especially after clicking on the link at the very end of the post labelled “Catholic Church of Luxembourg.” There you’ll find several beautiful, large hats, perhaps left over from Royal Ascot.

    • The link you mention is a gallery posted by the Catholic Church of Luxembourg of photos entirely taken at this event. It has no relation whatsoever to Ascot.

      • Sorry, my comment was awkwardly worded – I meant to infer that the beautiful hats in the link would have been nice additions to the Ascot atmosphere. I’m quite aware that besides St. Paul (then Saul) falling off one, the Church and horses are not often connected. Thanks for keeping me on my verbal toes, HQ, you gave me an early morning smile today!

  7. I had thought that Stephanie was wearing the same hat she wore when Max visited and accidentally knocked it off when greeting her. After checking, it is obviously a different hat. Because of the similarity of the straw and the green in the trim my mind had thought it the same. I like both of the hats, but they do seem a little too closely related. I am glad she is experimenting with new hat designers.

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