Anniversary and Social Launch Bring Out Dutch Hats

So far this week, we have seen both Princess Beatrix and Queen Máxima attend engagements in hats. On Sunday, Princess Beatrix took part in the 700 anniversary celebrations of the religious confraternity Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Blessed Lady at  St. John’s Cathedral in s’Hertogenbosch. For this event, she repeated wore a large black straw hat with double rolled bumper brim and flat crown. The hat is wrapped in wide, curved straw band that gives added textural contrast and interest to the familiar shape- a shape that forms a characteristic millinery look for Princess Beatrix that we’ve all come to associate with her (and only her!).

Designer: Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: February 11, 2015November 15, 2011; August 29, 2009; April 12, 2008

This morning, Queen Máxima launched an anti-loneliness campaign at a related congress in Enschede. For this event, she topped her purple appliqued dress with her large, natural straw picture hat with upswept brim. You can see all the outfits  Máxima has paired with this hat over the years over at this post (and I’ll update photos here as soon as better ones become available).

5 thoughts on “Anniversary and Social Launch Bring Out Dutch Hats

  1. Always lovely to see Beatrix out, and Patrick van Katwijk always has great photos of the Dutch royals! This hat is standard stuff for Beatrix nowadays, and while they are a good choice for her, I long for some of the crazier hats of her queen days to make a comeback.

    This isn’t my favorite outfit pairing with this hat for Máxima, but I do prefer this dress without the coat. This dress does make me think about how wonderful it would be to get a lavender or purple slice hat for Máxima.

  2. Both of these are great. Very high marks. A nice refresher for modern millinery after the Swedish Parliament which made me wish for more hats.

  3. It’s good to see Max back in her working uniform, and the simple straw works well with the highly patterned appliqué dress.

    Love the texture on Princess Beatrix’s hat! This one also pairs well with the dress.

  4. Princess Beatrix is the only one that can rock the “cake box” style of hat IMO. Ditto for Queen Máxima and her ginormous hats. Would like a closer look at the earrings though; they look pretty.

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