Opening of Swedish Parliament 2018

The Swedish royal family attended the opening of Swedish Parliament Riksdagen yesterday in Stockholm, dressed, as they are each year, in black and white.

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Silvia used the occasion to debut a new hat. The teardrop shaped calot is covered in textured white silk crepe with seam lines finished in fine, double stitching, and trimmed with a pair of curling, trimmed black feathers and a black velvet flower. The graphic trim works well on the hat, given a modern and graphic element to the traditional shape. Queen Silvia carries these modified calot shapes so well and the scheme of this one gives it a more contemporary feel than some of her other hats in this shape.

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Kerstin Carlefalk
Previously Worn: This hat is new 
While a clear shot of Crown Princess Victoria’s black and white headpiece eludes me (click on the twitter link below to open a gallery with better views), she wore the same striped bow she wore to this event in 2014

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Evelina Persson
Previously Worn: Sep 30, 2014
Princess Sofia repeated her black velvet bandeau with knotted bow. It’s a fine enough headpiece but I wish both Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia would fill their hat closets with a selection of small, embellished black designs (take a peek at the Countess of Wessex’s black perchers for inspiration, ladies!) to pull from for this event in coming years. 
Embed from Getty Images

 Embed from Getty Images 

Designer: Eivy Flodin
Previously Worn: May 11, 2017

Thoughts about these black and white designs yesterday? 

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

6 thoughts on “Opening of Swedish Parliament 2018

  1. Silvia’s hat is lovely with it’s details, but like virtually all calots, you can only appreciate them when viewing the back of the head.

    While I’m all for royals wearing clothes multiple times like normal people, it’s disappointing to see Victoria repeat the same hairbow AND outfit to this event. I wish she would repeat this hat for the Opening of Parliament:

    For a large stylized bow on a headband, this is a pretty good one, and it looks very nice for Sofia. I do wish she would wear something more substantial, like this fascinator Mette-Marit wore in 2011:
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. So good to see a fresh post, HatQueen. I bet I’m not the only one who has missed you!

    Wonderful shape and trim on Queen Silvia’s calot, but I’d like to see it positioned farther forward.

    Agreed that the apparently hat-averse princesses could invest in some small pieces to wear to this event.

    • I’m with you Mitten Mary! Missed HatQueen and want to see Queen Silvia’s calot positioned a little further forward but perhaps her hatpin slipped? I’m sure it’s the only way to keep a hat of this type on her head so neatly. Oh, but maybe there’s a hidden comb or two? Inquiring minds need to know!

  3. Unless further pictures prove me wrong, I feel that only Queen Silvia wore a real, honest to goodness hat. I often wear a hair band to keep my hair out of my eyes, but wouldn’t consider it a hat. On the positive side, I do like the Queens hat. It is a style she wears very well. The embellishments keep it fresh.

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