Catching Up On Sunday Hats

During Queen Elizabeth’s annual late summer residency at Balmoral Castle, we often see something we don’t see many other times of the year- her church hats! Back on September 23, her Sunday hat was of particular interest as I believe it is new:

Covered in the same raspberry wool as her coat, the hat looks to be trimmed with a spray of fuchsia feathers on one side. The colour is marvelous on Her Majesty and there looks to be some textural contrast on the brim edging and hatband.  It also looks to be off the same block in Rachel Trevor Morgan’s studio as this familiar blue one:
Embed from Getty Images
Queen Elizabeth opening a veterinary school, October 15, 2015
This past Sunday, the Queen repeated her royal blue hat with hourglass/teardrop shaped crown trimmed with a large blue and black feather. Not my favourite millinery shape in Her Majesty’s closet, the hat is redeemed slightly by it’s wonderful colour.
Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: Mar 9, 2017Jan 8, 2017Mar 8, 2016Feb 3, 2014; Nov 29, 2013Mar 28, 2013
I’m curious to hear your thoughts about the Queen’s new pink hat- what do you think?
Photos from Getty as indicated

30 thoughts on “Catching Up On Sunday Hats

  1. It’s probably just me … but very week I feel so dissatisfied at the pictures from Balmoral … I feel like we need to see something we can really “sink our teeth into ” 😉😉😉 Please your Majesty – we want a good look !!

  2. I have been to Craithie Kirk but not while The Queen was in residence at Balmoral. There was no embargo on the general public when I was there but church officials were preparing for The Queen’s arrival (“the season” and I expect security would be much tighter then. I believe it was about a 6 minute walk from the church to what I thought was the edge of the Balmoral Estate – a bridge across the River Dee. Then it was some distance to the castle. It is a pretty part of the world in “summer” (I was never out of a light wool coat in late July)very green and with roses everywhere. Well worth a visit..

    • Kew Gardens hatter, the one time I was in Scotland, I swore it was one of the most beautiful spots on earth, except for St. Andrews, which was painfully dreary – wet, cold, grey, windy, and in JULY! Mrs. Jimbo and I were also never out of coats and hats, but everything was extremely lush and green elsewhere. It’s a shame that many of us need to work so many years in order to afford travel, and then some of us are too old to enjoy it fully. I’m somewhere in the middle.

    • George A, you have a remarkable memory! Here’s HM at Windsor Castle earlier this year, still hat-less, but full length! Not the greatest pictures, to be sure.
      April 25, 2018
      Embed from Getty Images

        • I don’t remember if it was a book or a TV program, but I seem to remember that the Queen’s every outfit is created with a matching hat. So whenever we see the Queen at events without a hat, we can assume there is a hat made to match it. Great to see one of these appear.

          • Maja, if what you remember reading/seeing is true, then there’s renewed hope for a millinery creation to appear with the beautiful suit below that HM wore over two years ago. Recall that a wonderful portrait of her with Charles was taken at Windsor Castle before the Windsor Royal Horse Show that night, without the jacket.

            May 15, 2016
            Embed from Getty Images

          • HatQueen: a COCKTAIL/EARLY EVENING suit? Now you’ve got to be pulling my leg! HaHa! I remember 25 years ago when our hat wearing friend from church wore a bright blue suit with a huge matching hat to my sister’s 2pm wedding, then returned that night to the reception in a fancy navy blue dress and some kind of matching fluffy thing on her head, I assume reminiscent of a fascinator. She probably changed her shoes, also! Needless to say, she stole the show! I guess men are blessed, not being enslaved to so many sartorial rules. I think we’ve mentioned commoners’ wedding attire here at RoyalHats before, and I could literally write a book on it, after seeing more than 400 of them by rough guesstimate. My brother-in-law, definitely the ‘Onslow” type, might put on a clean bowling shirt if we’re lucky. He’s actually the most fun to be around, also! UBER laid back.

          • It’s all the lace. The Queen just doesn’t do daytime outfits entirely covered in lace anymore!

            Now, of course, I’ll be proved wrong when she trots this out again next week with a matching turquoise hat…

          • This particular outfit does present contradictions, Jimbo. Looking at the full length shot (3rd in your gallery), I was prepared to say that this is a 2-piece suit that would not be out of place for a woman in any corporate job in America, or for example a television news anchor. But looking at the close-ups, I have to agree with HatQueen about the lace — I think that does make it fancier and therefore unlikely to be worn at a hat event. I will add, though, that it is made from a beautiful fabric!

  3. Wow, for some reason I thought this fuchsia hat had been worn with floral trim and now it had been changed with feathers, but clearly I was thinking of this blue hat and my mind changed the color! So weird, but clearly indicates how similar the two are. Another good choice for HM and I’m glad we’re at least getting some sort of look of these hats this year compared to normal, but it is a shame they don’t get a more public showing.

    Is this the only hat Camilla has stored in Scotland? Seems odd she wouldn’t have a couple more in the rotation.

    The royal blue hat is much too narrow and tall for my tastes, along with the oddly triangle point in the front of the crown, but the large Lady Amherst pheasant feather is a redeeming detail.

    • Camilla also has a grey beret she wears in Scotland. I can’t remember any others worn recently.
      I would also guess she has a couple of her fur winter hats up there.

  4. Love the raspberry hat and coat, not sure it is new, the coat looks familiar. Such nice proportions on the raspberry and the similar blue hat.Sometimes Her Majesty wears hats that seem to swamp her little face. The royal blue must be a favorite, well worn!

    • You’re right, Barbara- the coat has indeed been worn before (others have shared links). Going through my photo archives today on some unrelated search, I came across this hat from 2002- I wonder if this is the one that you’re thinking of? It certainly is similar!
      Embed from Getty Images

  5. I love the first hat. Fabulous color and very flattering on the Queen.
    I find it interesting that Camilla has worn her red beret several times for church this summer.

      • Well, I guess she’s like most people with two homes. She keeps a couple of hats in Scotland and doesn’t pack them and transport them every few months.

        I do wish she would get a few more red or burgundy hats in her rotation, the colour is fabulous on her.

  6. This is something that I probably should have already known, but the caption of the first photo says that the church is “on the Balmoral estate”, which took me by surprise, as I always assumed it was a local church in town somewhere. Who else gets to attend services there? I assume the estate employees do, but do outsiders/townspeople get to come in also, or are the services basically private for the members of the Royal Family who are present in any given week? (Just curious.)

    • Matthew, if the sign you see in the link below is correct, the Crathie Kirk has the same open-door policy as a song we sing in our church, where “all are welcome in this place.” (Somehow, I have my doubts!)
      I’m in total agreement with Mitten Mary and SoCal Gal, and let’s hope some of these new ensembles make their way down to London for the fall and winter. The raspberry color is just great!

      • Thanks, Jimbo! The photo you pointed out shows a similar view to what you see as you “walk up to the church” electronically using Google Street View. Anyone who does that will immediately understand why the only photos we see are in cars. Just past the blue sign in Jimbo’s photo are small stone pillars on either side, with a narrower lane beyond that goes up to the front of the church. I suspect (though just guessing) that while visitors may be invited to attend the church services, photographers are not permitted past the pillars. We can only hope that this wonderful hat (and the other church hats we have seen) will eventually appear at regular engagements where we get a better view!

          • We do, Mitten Mary. According to Google Maps using the satellite view, the walk is 0.3 miles starting in front of the castle, proceeding on what appears to be a lovely wooded path (with the warning on the directions “Restricted usage road”), and ending on a sidewalk or path by a regular numbered roadway. I suspect that the latter is where all the photos are taken when they walk to church. If you scroll around in the aerial view, there appear to be a number of regular size houses in the area as well, so I suspect that those are the people who are regular congregants of that church.

          • Are you sure you’re not confusing Crathie Church in Scotland with St. Mary Magdalene church at Sandringham? That’s the church the royal family attends during Christmas holidays, where all but the Queen (and sometimes the Countess of Wessex, who often rides with the Queen) are photographed walking to Sunday and Christmas Day services. I’ve done a search through photo archives and can’t find any photos of the family walking to Crathie Church.

          • Hat Queen, I am not sure about the photos (that was Mitten Mary’s suggestion), but I AM sure of the map information concerning a walking path between the front of Balmoral and the front of the church – I’ve still got it ln my computer screen, though I have no idea how I could post it here. (Just put in the castle and the church, ask for directions on foot, and then change to satellite view, if anyone else would like to try to look at it.) I don’t know if there are any photos, but 0.3 miles is not an onerous distance, certainly the younger royals could walk that distance if the weather was nice and they wanted to.

          • HatQueen, yes, I am indeed thinking of family members walking to the church in Sandringham. Sorry to create all the confusion!

  7. Hey Mitten Mary. you took the words right out of my mouth! Love the color but would like a better look at this vibrant church hat especially the trim.

  8. These photos though car windows are so frustrating, aren’t they? The new raspberry hat is indeed very promising. Let’s hope she repeats it soon so we can give it more scrutiny.

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