Catching Up Two Royal Weddings

Countess Anna Therese of Arco-Zinnebe married American Colin McKenzie last Saturday, September 30, in Bavaria.

I’m not able to legally share photos here but there is a great post over at the Court Jeweller about the bride’s royal connections, tiara and other jewels; Dutch royal blogger Netty Liestra has an excellent recap of the entire event here (including a look at all the royal guests) here as does Luxarazzi, with posts here and here.  Finally, there is a good photo gallery of the event here.

Also last Saturday, Nicholas Medforth-Mills (formerly Prince Nicholas of Romania) married Alina-Maria Binder in a Romanian Orthodox Service at the Sfântul Ilie Church in Sinaia. Following the ceremony, the couple rode by carriage to the reception site at Sinaia Casino where they waved to crowds from the balcony. Alina-Maria’s dress was designed by a Bucharest-based designer and includes traditional Romanian hand embroidery and the neckline and sleeves. The dress’ high neckline is contrasted with a deeply cut ‘v’ back and the pleated ballgown skirt extends to a short train.

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

The cathedral veil looks like silk tulle and is edged in a leaf patterned lace, which gives some unique texture to the bridal look and frames Alina-Maria’s face in such a pretty way. Her delicate bandeau headpiece looks to be costume- my guess is that as relations are strained between Nicholas and his family (both his mother, Princess Elena, and his aunt, Margarita, Custodian of the Crown, did not attend), Romanian royal jewels were not offered to the couple. This unfortunate situation aside, Alina-Maria’s headpiece brings a beautiful delicacy and lightness to the look that blends beautifully with the veil and suited her petite features very well.

Alina-Maria changed into a silk halter dress for dancing (see last photo below) but retained the headpiece.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

As far as I can tell, no members of the Romanian royal family attended (so no hats to report)-  Nicholas’ only sibling Princess Elisabeta-Karina was one of the attendants and did not wear a hat.
Photos from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Catching Up Two Royal Weddings

  1. Wonderful to see Stéphanie out in this hat and dress again; it’s definitely my favorite for her, and glad to see it wasn’t a one-time piece.

    Maria Teresa’s dress is lovely, but her black pillbox is almost completely lost in most photos, making me think she had gone sans hat at first.

    Astrid’s double bow headpiece is interesting and better than her double-hat hat from Willem-Alexander & Máxima’s wedding, but it still is a bit odd, especially as the bows just droop unfortunately (and this seems to be part of the design, not damage).

  2. Princess Eleonore zu Schaumburg-Lippe was at the Romanian wedding too … if I identified her right on tv she was wearing some kind of hat … but thus far I didn’t see any pictures of her online.

  3. Congratulations to the happy couples!

    Amazing tiara but the base is distracting. Love HGD Stephanie outfit although her hat has trouble staying on. Might need a headband attachment or hairpin instead of a comb.

    Alina-Maria’s headpiece is pretty and compliments her dress & veil. I’m glad Nicholas’ sister attended.

  4. Second wedding
    We get beautiful photos, but no royal hats and no tiara.

    The veil is wonderful and her head ornament is very successful. I think the Romanian royal family only has one tiara and even if the relationship was good I doubt she would have worn it. They wear wedding crowns and that wouldn’t work with a large tiara. Perhaps for the evening reception, but alas it was not to be.

  5. First wedding
    A great tiara, not shown to its best on the bride. If they didn’t have time to change the wrapping her hairdresser should have done more to cover the base with her hair.

    GD Maria Teresa wore a simple black pillbox. A good choice with her bright coat.
    HGD Stéphanie is repeating her hat and dress. I loved this outfit on its first outing, so great to see it again.
    Princess Claire seems to be wearing a head wrap or turban. Can’t say I like it, but maybe if there were better photos.
    Princess Astrid is wearing a ghastly floppy bow.
    Don’t recognize anyone else, but there were some great and some horrible hats among the guests.

  6. Countess Anna Theresa looked lovely, but why didn’t someone re-wrap the tiara fixing to match her dark hair? That blonde binding spoiled the look for me.

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