This Week’s Extras

Last Friday and Saturday (September 28-29), Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko were in Fukui open the 73rd National Sports Festival. The Empress wore this black saucer with salmon bow along with a repeated grey saucer during the visit. 

Princess Annemarie of Bourbon Parma in a small pearl hair embellishment last weekend in Berceto

On Tuesday, Princess Hisako and Princess Ayako visited the Daikaku-ji Temple in Osaka. Princess Hisako wore a grey silk hat with saddle brim and wide silk jacquard patterned hatband while Princess Ayako wore a navy pillbox with large ombre fluted bow at the back.

Scroll to the second photo below to see the small felt hat with kettle brim Queen Sonja repeated on Tuesday for the opening of Norwegian Parliament.

King Carl Gustaf wore his trusty fedora for a visit to Götland this week- this video clip shows the funny moment when a gust of wind carried the hat away (thanks to reader Jesper for sharing this!)

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

Rose gold straw boater with leather floral trim from New Zealand millner Claire Hahn
Wonderful natural straw pillbox with red straw ruffle trim from Australian milliner Louise MacDonald
Periwinkle straw hat with lattice brim and crin ruffles from Texan milliner Bay Willow
Raspberry layered leaf headpiece with beaded accents from Italian millinery brand Gallia and Peter
Simple and classic- British milliner Laura Cathcart in a black straw pillbox with single silk flower of her own design
Adore the lines of this royal blue parisisal beret with stunning rolled-edge bow from Aussie brand Jill & Jack Millinery
Showstopping silk leopard button percher with black crin ruffle and feathers from Irish brand Montgomery Millinery
Giant wicker watermelon headpiece by British milliner Stephen Jones spotted at the Thom Brown 2019 spring women’s collection runway show in Paris. You know, for anyone who needs a watermelon headpiece.

 Royal Hats

Princes Nikolai and Felix with their maternal grandmother and mother, the Countess of Frederiksborg, at the launch of the Countess’ new book

Lovely to see Noriko Senge (former Princess Noriko of Takamado) join her mother and sister on Tuesday for a photo exhibition of Princess Hisako’s Netsuke (Japanese traditional miniature sculptures)

Buckingham Palace making lemonade out of lemons as they clear out the palace for renovation and use some of the displaced objects and works of art for a new exhibition at the Brighton Royal Pavilion

12 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Wow, the rose gold is such an unusual color, just the thing to top a neutral ensemble.

    Princess Hisako’s suit looks gorgeous.

  2. Thank you Maja for the excellent pictures of the Japanese Royals and the lovely picks for hats for the Duchess of Sussex to wear on her upcoming tour. I’m hoping that she wears some local clothing, hats and handbags from Australia and New Zealand. They have some very talented artisans and diplomatic dressing is always noticed and appreciated.

  3. Princess Ayako of Takamado visited Fukui Prefecture October 4-5 for the 73rd National Sports Festival.

    I wonder why Princess Mako did not wear hats when she attended the Sports Festival earlier in the week. Princesses Akiko, Hisako, and Ayako all wore hats.

  4. With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex going on tour of Australia and New Zealand next week I’m hoping Meghan will wear a couple of hats on arrival, so here are my picks from designers mentioned in this post.

  5. Princess Akiko of Mikasa visited Fukui Prefecture October 2-3 for the 73rd National Sports Festival.

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