Swedish Royals Celebrate Bernadotte Bicentenary

King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel paid a one-day official visit to Pau, France on Sunday to celebrate the Bernadotte Dynasty’s bicentenary.

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The Swedish royal amily posed with Mayor of Pau, Francois Bayrou, in front of a portrait of Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte who was born in the French city and 200 years ago, became king of Sweden and Norway under the name Karl XIV Johan

While Queen Silvia did not wear a hat, Crown Princess Victoria topped her garnet dress with a matching silk floral headpiece in shades of rosy cordovan-brown and deep claret. She wears the autumnal hues well and I adore how the headpiece was chosen to coordinate with the dress rather than perfectly match. Victoria’s go-to choice of floral headpieces at many hat-wearing royal events sometimes feel underwhelming but the substantial scale and interesting layers of colour and texture on this one makes it work well for her and the layers of colour and texture make it an interesting on

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Under besöket i Frankrike bar Victoria en vinröd klänning från Camilla Thulin, tillsammans med ett skärp i samma nyans samt lackväska och klackar, från Gianvito Rossi. 💘 – Den här gången bar Victoria dessutom en accessoar i håret i form av en blomma, något vi har sett henne bära den senaste tiden. Härligt att hon lägger till det “lilla extra”, säger Magda Omerspahic, Expressens modeexpert. 💘 Visst är hon fin!😍 --- FOTO: TT Nyhetsbyrån --- During her visit to France, Victoria had a burgundy dress from Camilla Thulin, along with a bag and heels, from Gianvito Rossi. “This time, Victoria also had an accessory in her hair, something we’ve seen her wear lately. Beautiful that she adds that “little extra”, says Magda Omerspahic, Expressen’s fashion expert.

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Thoughts about this new headpiece?
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3 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Celebrate Bernadotte Bicentenary

  1. Agreed with HatQueen about the colors, which complement both the dress and her hair so well. These floral pieces look much more sophisticated than her bows.

  2. Do you think that Crown Princess Victoria does her own hair for events like these? It is a thought I have had for a while since it seems to be her go-to look, and often doesn’t look quite as polished as when she wears a full hat or is at a more formal event. I can’t decide if this is because a more formal event just requires a more polished look so they style is tailored to that or if it is because it is for those events that she employs others to help her get ready.

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