Dutch Visit to Germany Day 2

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima continued their trip to Germany today with another busy programme that included visits to an artificial intelligence research facility, the State Chancellery in Saarland, and the High Cathedral of Saint Peter and Porta Nigra Roman gate in Trier. For these events, Queen Máxima repeated her pleated red fabric calot hat.

Embed from Getty Images

It’s a good look for her again today. The pleating on the hat gives it a lovely sense of movement- not something we often see on a design of this size and shape- and the hat is shown to absolute perfection with Máxima soft hairstyle and hoop earrings. I’m not always a fan of matching accessories in the same shade but in this instance, the vibrant hits of colour from the hat, purse and shoes balance well with the less saturated, lighter pattern of the dress.

Embed from Getty Images 

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the draped ‘Tino’ beret
Previously Worn: February 3, 2015October 1, 2013
I think this is a great look for Queen Máxima- what do you think?  We’ll catch up on tomorrow’s final look of this Germany visit later in the weekend, after the royal wedding!
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9 thoughts on “Dutch Visit to Germany Day 2

  1. While this will never be my favorite hat, this whole look is very well coordinated; I too, was glad for a dress that wasn’t solid red. Brava!

  2. I surprise myself with liking Maxima’s hair-style with this hat very much. I’d like the dress better if it didn’t make me think of a rash breaking out… I do think the overall impression of the outfit is good, though.

  3. Agree with what is posted here: not Max’s most distinctive hat or most beautiful dress, but it all works together so well. And, as much as I like her slice hats, it’s good to see her in a style that shows off her face and hair.

  4. This hat is not an easy shape to wear, it could even look a bit messy if worn with less carefully arranged hair, but it looked wonderful on Q Máxima today. The soft, flowing hairstyle gives the hat a beret look that is very attractive.

  5. This dress is not among my favorites of Maxima’s, but of the three times she’s worn this hat, this one definitely works the best in terms of the overall look. I agree that the softer hairstyle really sets the hat off much better than the styles in the previous two posts.

  6. I like this hat (sort of) – but again, I think this dress is just not right for daytime events. It reads like a cocktail event dress to me. I don’t think this hat works well with this dress at all.

  7. This is a great hat and hair combo. The hat alone is fine, but it’s the pairing of the two that makes it really stand out. And while it’s not my favorite dress, I think the hat shines better not against a solid red dress.

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