York Royal Wedding: The Bride, Groom & Bridal Party

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank were married this morning at St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

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One wishes a bride to look her most most beautiful on her wedding day and such was the case for Princess Eugenie today.

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Designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, her dress featured a fitted bodice, long sleeves and folded portrait neckline that folds around the shoulders into an open back that drapes into a flowing, full length train. The low cut back was a special request of the bride who wanted to embrace and celebrate the scar from her adolescent scoliosis surgery.

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The stars of this gown are its cut and fabric – while it appears to be embroidered or appliqued with lace, the silk, cotton and viscose blended jacquard is actually woven with a custom floral motif of the bride’s request: Scottish thistles as a nod to the couple’s love for Balmoral, Irish shamrocks in honor of Ferguson family heritage and York roses and ivy to represent the couple’s home. The beautiful striped floral pattern on the fabric and impeccable cut and tailoring of the gown combine to create a streamlined and beautifully modern take on a traditional silhouette. On Eugenie, it was just exquisite.

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Princess Eugenie surprised with her bridal headwear, eschewing a veil and a widely-shared prediction she would wear her mother’s York tiara. Instead, she borrowed the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara from the Queen. Never before seen on a royal head, the tiara is part of the famous Greville suite of jewels left to the Queen Mother in 1942 (read more about the tiara’s background over at the Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor or at the Court Jeweller). This tiara was made in 1919 by Boucheron of brilliant and rose cut diamonds pavé set in platinum around emeralds – a stone that coordinated beautifully with Eugenie’s green eyes and the autumnal scheme of the wedding.

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The young bridesmaids and pages wore dresses, shirts and velvet trousers from designed by Amaia Arrieta of Amaia Kids.The bridesmaids also wore patterned sashes printed with an art print by Mark Bradford included in the Order of Service. They carried posies of Lily of the Valley and spray roses which were also used to make small sprays for their hair.

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I love it good royal bridal surprises and Princess Eugenie’s look today was surprisingly streamlined, modern, and all kinds of beautiful.

UPDATE: For the evening party, Eugenie changed into a blush Zac Posen silk gown embroidered with York roses on one shoulder and the back. Queen Victoria’s wheat-ear brooches, borrowed from her grandmother, were incorporated in her hair to top another stunningly beautiful bridal look.

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10 thoughts on “York Royal Wedding: The Bride, Groom & Bridal Party

  1. Eugenie looked breathtakingly beautiful when she stepped out of the car 😊 (I can imagine how Jack must have felt when he saw her) … he made sure he had his glasses on when she came down the aisle … how emotional it was for his Mum and Dad.too such a proud day for them ! Mum looked lovely with her floral coat and special hat and Dad puffed out his chest so we could see his fine waistcoat ! 😊😊😊 What a day for both families !
    Congratulations to them both – may they have a happy life together ❤

  2. How radiantly beautiful Princess Eugenie looked! The cut of the dress is superb on her, the fabric gorgeous and the low neckline and diagonal pleats make an interesting back. The tiara was a perfect choice. It is wonderful to see them so happy, the Princess and her Jack. Best wishes to them both!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I really hope we get a good look at the design woven into the fabric at some point. That tiara wasn’t on anybody’s prediction list but it was absolutely the perfect one for Eugenie! Jack looked amazing as well, that shade of blue really suits him. And add in all those littles in their festive sashes and ahhhh! Perfection!

  4. At first I was surprised she didn’t wear a veil, but as I read she wanted to show off her scar from scoliosis surgery (hence the partially open back on the dress), this made a lot of sense; it also helped to show off this tiara even more. The tiara itself is beautiful, and I’m glad to see it include stones other than diamonds to make it stand out more (I especially love this one as emeralds are my favorite). Eugenie’s hairstyle also was wonderful. Truly a beautiful bride.

    Also, can’t forget Jack in his wonderful cobalt blue collared waistcoat. Excellent choice of color!

  5. Stunning! Eugenie’s gown and tiara were perfect for her and I liked the lack of a veil to not obscure the back. Beautiful fabric on the gown, to add interest without fuss and the cut suited her shapely figure and made her the real Princess she is.
    Loved the patterned fabric on the bridesmaid’s outfits and the blue trousers on the pages.

  6. I love those sashes on the kids.

    But I gasped when I saw P. Eugenie. Her whole look was gorgeous, but that dress is a stunner. I’m not much for lace, so I love the floral motifs woven into the fabric. What a beautiful traditional yet contemporary feeling gown. Really really remarkable. The portrait neckline and back are just stunning. i’m so glad she didn’t wear a veil- her face, hair, tiara, dress, and earrings really shine this way. Knocked it out of the park.

    • I’m with you on not caring for lace, so I loved this woven pattern in the fabric. Truly a knockout bridal look IMO, I love the neckline and silhouette. The tiara is stunning and the bride beautiful. My favorite royal look in a really long time. I love that she didn’t wear a veil, it really let her face/hair/dress/tiara/earring shine.

  7. What a gorgeous bride! I love that she didn’t have a veil so her stunning tiara could be the focus. I think everyone was gobsmacked that she did not wear the York tiara, but this showstopper was worth it. I literally could not take my eyes off it. Princess Eugenie looked so beautiful. Her hair was perfection and her dress was lovely. I adore the focus on the back and train. Congratulations to the very happy couple!

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