York Royal Wedding

2018-10-12 Eugenie and Jack

Here is a summary of all the hats we saw at yesterday’s royal wedding:

The Bride, Groom & Wedding Party

Immediate Families
Queen Elizabeth, Sarah, Duchess of York, Princess Beatrice, Nicola Brooksbank

Cambridge, Sussex & Wessex Families
Duchess of Cambridge, Duchess of Sussex, Countess of Wessex, Lady Louise Windsor

Phillips and Armstrong-Jones Families
The Princess Royal, Autumn Phillips, Zara Tindall,
Countess of Snowdon, Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones, Lady Sarah Chatto

Kent and Gloucester Families
Duchess of Gloucester, Lady Helen Taylor, Zenouska Mowatt,
Princess Michael of Kent, Lady Frederick Windsor, Lady Gabriella Windsor

Royal Guests
Crown Princess Marie-Chantal and Princess Maria Olympia of Greece;
Chantal Hochuli; Princess Ekaterina, and Princess Alessandra of Hannover

Other Noteable Guests

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Photos from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “York Royal Wedding

  1. Thank you HatQueen for all your hard work. I’ve been working and couldn’t comment until now. Wonderful pictures and commentary! Having fun reading my fellow hat lovers opinions, comments and insight. What fun!

  2. beautiful event, everyone looked amazing from head to toe! how anyone managed to keep a hat on–keep their skirt down–and not fall down from the wind is beyond me. well done to all! and the new Mrs Brooksbank? yowza….talk about pulling out all the stops. utterly gorgeous ❤

  3. Now is the time to reach for ‘a cuppa’ HQ !! 😊 we are all the beneficiaries of your terrific knowledge and photo sharing … Thank you ! 😊

  4. I would also like to add my thanks, Hat Queen. It is lovely to have a compressive list so I can go back and enjoy these hats again and again. (I know I need to get a life!) Just remember there is always Ascot!

  5. HatQueen, let me add my thanks for all of the wonderful commentary and assembly of photos! I still haven’t had a chance to go through all the comments yet — I don’t know how you do it. But it certainly adds extra fun and interest to the TV viewing of the event, including the ability to share our comments and opinions with others, so please know that your work is appreciated by many. (And didn’t I hear that some other royal was getting married in the next few months?)

    • No royal weddings on the horizon, Matthew. The next isn’t until next spring when Lady Gabriella Windsor marries Thomas Kingston and Kent/Gloucester weddings are not televised. We’ll be lucky if we get a few photos.

      Aside from a few Japanese royal weddings (which get little attention) and the possibility of higher profile weddings for Princess Beatrice of York and the children of Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece (which would be more society events than royal ones), there’s no major royal weddings until the next generation of heirs marries- Princess Elisabeth of Belgium, Princess Ingrid in Norway, Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, The Princess of Asturias in Spain, Prince Christian in Denmark, Princess Estelle in Sweden etc. Those events are more than a decade away- I suspect it will be very quiet on the royal wedding front until then.

      • Lady Gabriella is the one I was thinking of, I thought it was sooner. But you’re right, she’s far enough down the family tree that it most likely won’t even be streamed, let alone photographed. But hopefully there will be a good selection of photos for us to enjoy as people enter and leave the location!

        However, imagine the excitement that will surround the next big one if people have been waiting more than 10 years!

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