Day 2: Belgian State Visit To Portugal

Yesterday, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde continued their state visit to Portugal with visits to Lisbon’s Oceanarium, a hospital and a youth cultural center, as well as participation in an economic development seminar and meeting with social entrepreneurs. For this programme, Queen Mathilde repeated a hat described by the designer as “a small bell hat made of red Panama and trimmed with ribbon and a matching bow.

Embed from Getty Images

It remains a good hat for Mathilde- the scale suits her well and the colour is great on her. The combination of red hat with patterned lace dress is an interesting and well-balanced one that doesn’t overwhelm. Striking the balance with such strong colour and pattern combinations isn’t easy but this one works.

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the ‘Audrey’ design.
Previously Worn: April 25, 2018
What do you think about Queen Mathilde’s red hat yesterday in Lisbon?
Photos from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “Day 2: Belgian State Visit To Portugal

  1. I’m still not a big fan of this, as I agree with Deborah that the shape is a little too bucket hat; a wider lampshade brim would be more flattering. I also would like to see another outfit with this hat, just to see if that changes my opinion about the hat at all.

  2. I saw that first photograph and thought “there’s the Queen Mathilde I love !!” I think she looks very stylish and chic !! Am I allowed to say that here ??😉 she looks like she’s got a spring in her step ! Very nice !

  3. I’m going to swim against the flow here and say I don’t much care for this hat. The busy pattern of the dress makes it ‘read’ larger than it is, which in turn makes the hat seem disproportionately small. And it’s rather buckety for a formal hat.

  4. I do wish she’d tilt it slightly, but that is my only quibble. Great color, love it with the pattern, and the style is perfect for the slightly less formal agenda of the day.

  5. I really like this hat. I much prefer it to the brimless turban style we’ve seen on Max recently- It’s a great way to be smaller but still with a lovely shape and brim.

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