Dutch Royals Welcome African Leader

On Monday, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima welcomed the President of Cape Verde, Jorge Carlos Fonseca and his wife Lígia Dia, on a visit to Amsterdam. For their official welcome, Queen Máxima wore a new cuffed calot hat in the same sapphire blue wool as her coat.

The vibrant colour is great on Máxima and the punchy combination with her emerald dress and jewels is a good one. The close fitting calot seems to be a complimentary silhouette to the boxy coat- and its the boxy coat that lets the ensemble down, preventing the look from appearing truly polished. Recut the coat and maybe we’ll have something here.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new
What do you think of this new blue hat on Queen Máxima
Photos from social media as indicated

11 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Welcome African Leader

  1. I’m sorry but I just can’t fathom how Queen Maxima could have got it all so wrong. The blue is an amazing colour and the blue / green combination looks so good, but …
    I daresay that even Queens have their off-days!
    I am certain that next time round, Maxima will be back to wowing us once again just as she did the other day with that amazing blue & gold ensemble!

  2. She’s going for a 50s vibe here and nearly gets it right. I don’t mind a duster coat, but it could be trimmed a bit. I do think her hair let’s her down, it’s not looking as polished as normal today.

  3. Mrs. Cape verde’s hat is quite interesting, but I’m afraid this is a miss all around for Max IMO. The proportions are so strange and off, I really don’t care for the coat. And I don’t like this small round hats– I don’t mind brimless, but I think a slightly more substantial/squared off pillbox shape would be much better.

  4. Gosh, I hate it when I get here and everyone else has already said all the things I was going to say, but I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve hardly had a minute to post here, so I’ll just repeat. I actually like the color and fabric of the hat/coat quite a bit, but agree that the hat needs a better hairstyle (the one in the post mcncln referenced looks great), and the coat needs major alterations. Also, I’m not sure if the green dress worn in the post Jake referenced is a different dress or the same dress in different lighting, but I liked that color pairing in the older post better than in this one — green is an interesting counterpoint, but a brighter or shinier green. And I suppose if the green weren’t there, people would be complaining that it’s too matchy.

    I also like Mrs. Fonseca’s hat and agree that first ladies should more often feel comfortable wearing hats when having a visit with royal ladies who are also wearing hats!

  5. Love the cobalt/green colour combo. I just wish Max’s coat were a little less tweedy and a little less voluminous. I think we would still get a trendy cocoon coat vibe if it were pared back some.

    I am also applauding Mrs Fonseca’s hat! She looks poised and confident.

  6. This is straying from our topic, but throwing in the purple heels doesn’t help! I can buy into the cobalt with the emerald, but that’s quite enough saturated color for one ensemble.

    Hoping Max repeats this tidy little calot as a color pop with black or grey.

  7. Hear, hear, I agree with you all. Well done for Mrs. Dias Fonseca, very interesting design.
    And maybe Jake, you have put your finger on the reason that Q. Máxima wore this coat over her shoulders on its previous outing, like it was a cape!

  8. Hmm. Small undetailed hats like this sink or swim depending on the supporting hairstyle, and this hat, being so simple, is particularly in need of the elegant sidesweep and low bun which Maxima usually wears with these styles: A good example is shown below, from 2016
    I agree that the ginormous maternity style of the coat is not helping. Nor is the sheer volume of cobalt blue overall; I would prefer to see this hat used as an accent to a neutral-coloured coat (say in camel; and the blue clutch could stay). Mrs Fonseca has done a fabulous job of styling her remarkable red hat along these lines. Love those red gloves!

    • So true about the hair! I love cobalt blue, but this coat is just shapeless. One gets the impression that the designer wanted to use up the rest of the bolt, so made the coat as bulky as possible.

      Agreed about Mrs. Fonseca!

  9. Love the fabric and colour here, but it looks like the Queen borrowed the coat from someone much larger! This coat is not so much boxy, as container-sized. Much preferred Mrs Cape Verde’s hat, too.

  10. Oy, who knew this coat was so voluminous and unflattering when she wore it the last time? (https://royalhats.net/2018/01/17/dutch-queen-opens-bio-fair/) But to know there is both now a matching hat AND clutch made from the same material? It is all too much for me unfortunately. The color is absolutely beautiful, no doubt, but this hat is not flattering at all for Máxima.

    On the other hand, Lígia Dias Fonseca looks wonderful in her hat and outfit; it’s not too often we get to see these first ladies wear a hat, especially one so modern with it’s design, and wear it well. Brava!

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