Princess Beatrix Launches Rebranded Help Line

Princess Beatrix unveiled the new name of Sensoor, the national listening help line, at the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum this morning. For this event, she repeated her silver straw boater hat with stacked navy and silver hatbands, trimmed with a double straw twist at the back. The metallic straw gives the hat a wonderful sparkle and sheen, lending much dimension to the straight lines of the design.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: likely Susanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: Nov 18, 2016
It’s lovely to see Princess Beatrix out and about- what do you think of her hat today?
Photos from Getty as indicated

7 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Launches Rebranded Help Line

  1. Always great to see Beatrix and this is a lovely hat with the metallic materials giving a nice touch, especially for the holiday season.

    I was going to make a comment once again about how odd it is to see a straw hat with a wrap in December, etc. (like I did on a previous appearance on this hat:, but then I got sucked into looking at all the posts marked “Beatrix” for the past 4 years and realized that virtually all of her hats have been made out of straw (minus a few exceptions, but even then they were a mix of straw and other materials). This is something I’ve never noticed before, and I wonder why.

    • Interesting observation, Jake- a quick look through the archives shows, indeed, very few felt hats worn by Princess Beatrix. There are a few fur ones and several covered in feathers, but my guess is that the feather ones have a straw base. The vast majority of designs in her hat closet are straw. I wonder if this is a weight issue- her hats are fairly large and in felt, would be considerably heavier than straw. It is unusual to see straw hats worn throughout the winter… and can’t believe I’ve not noticed this before!

      Embed from Getty Images

      • The weight of felts (whether wool, fur, or velour) is much heavier than the sinamay we usually see her wear, and that too was my best guess as to why she prefers straws.

        • Another reason might be that her hats are almost always rather sculptural and seem to be built up out of different elements or layers or both. Susanne Moulijn, who has been Princess Beatrix’ milliner over the past decades, is a master in the technique of sinamay sculpting on the bias. P. Beatrix herself is a sculptor in her free time and is said to have a good eye for, and a strong opinion about, shapes and proportions.
          Apart from being lightweight and sculptable, sinamay can also be easily dyed. When Mrs. Moulijn started making hats for then Queen B., she hurriedly took a special course in dyeing as the Queen asked for a perfect match between the colour of the straw and the colour of her dresses. (Mrs. Moulijn once told this story in a lecture she gave.) Sinamay may be the material that lends itself best to achieve the shapes that P. Beatrix likes and there seems to be a certain amount of collaboration between her and her milliner.

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