Queen And Duke of York Visit Lincoln’s Inn

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of York visited the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn yesterday in London. For this visit, she repeated her vibrant orchid purple hat with domed crown trimmed with a pair of large red feathers.

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We’ve seen this hat enough to quickly admire its punchy colour scheme and subtle brim shape (it’s shorter ’round the back). The photos today, however, give a closer look at the workmanship- there is not a pucker or stitch to be seen. Sometimes, beauty is in what is not seen and the perfectly sewn brim edging on this piece is testament to this.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: Dec 6, 2017Mar 3, 2016Nov 5, 2015Mar 20, 2015Dec 25, 2014
We don’t always see such detailed shots of hats- have your thoughts about this one changed at all thanks to these better views?
Photos from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Queen And Duke of York Visit Lincoln’s Inn

  1. Still one of my favorite hats for HM, and the dress looks to be so cool Mondrian modern for her; wonder if we will ever get to see it?

  2. I still love this hat years later. It’s jusy got such a strong colour scheme and is quite funky for HM really. Not many 92 year olds would attempt such a look, but she pulls it off. Such a well put together outfit.

  3. Great to be able to appreciate the craftsmanship in this close-up. The color combination could easily be too much, but it’s balanced by the restrained elegance of the trim.

  4. I agree; this is a magnificent hat. But what is the white on the left side of the feathers? Is it a reflection, or is there actually white there?

  5. I’ve always liked this hat, and going back through all of the older posts gives such a wide array of views, though I agree that the selection in this post is the best, particularly that amazing top view. The color combo is one that doesn’t seem like it should work, and yet it does, perfectly. Just as an aside, has anyone ever seen any separate photos of the dress that goes with the coat? Since it’s not the usual floral print, I’m curious to see what it looks like.

    • I’d love to see the dress too.The glimpse of red we can see on the dress, in this and other outings, complements the hat brilliantly. Colour- blocking in HM’s clothes is pretty rare, but I think this example works really well for her.
      And yes, the hat is still fantastic.

    • I too would like to see the dress. Whether it’s both colors, split down the middle, or whether it has stripes we can’t tell. I do believe, though, that the lining for the coat is bright red.
      Even though so many of the Queen’s recent new coats have had floral dresses, the dresses she wears for investitures tend to be the traditional solid color numbers. Perhaps she finds this dress too flamboyant or too distracting for ceremonies at Buckingham.
      Embed from Getty Images

  6. Gorgeous hat! I particularly love the “dot” details and contrasting feathers. I think the color and shape is beautiful on Her Majesty. She also seems extra happy whenever she performs an engagement with a member of her family. It’s nice to see the Duke of York accompany her.

    And Hat Queen…that final photo is gorgeous! Great photo that shows how stunning this hat truly is.

  7. This is a really beautiful piece of millinery. Between the style/proportions, workmanship, trim and color, the whole thing is perfect. My favorite part is the orange-red/pink-red combo and I really love the highly stylized feathers. Seeing them up close just makes me love them even more. More of these Your Majesty and fewer of the mad hatter hourglasses!

    • This hat is gorgeous in its simplicity. The hat and its matching coat have always been one of my favorites. The color is wonderful and the entire outfit is absolutely elegant. Note that you said previously worn Dec. 6, 2018, should that not be 2017?

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