Favourite New Royal Hat: September & October 2018

Numerous foreign visits and a major royal wedding brought us an unusual number of new hats this fall, many of which were greatly admired. We’re going to look back at these beauties and choose one to be put forward in our countdown to your Favourite New Royal Hat of 2018.

There were 13 new royal hats worn in September and October which, based on your comments stood out as particularly successful. It is now time to take a closer look at the varied designs in this lineup and choose your top pick.

Please click on each caption link to jump to original feature posts with additional views, information and discussion on each hat. Here are the thirteen hats you most admired in September and October, shown in the order they were worn:
1.     2.
Queen Elizabeth’s lime and navy cloche with feathers and straw leaves worn in Scotland Sep 2
Queen Elizabeth’s cornflower blue hat with black trim and spiky dahlia bloom worn in Scotland Sep 9
3.       4.
Queen Elizabeth’s magenta sidesweep with cut felt leaf trim by Rachel Trevor Morgan worn Sep 23
Queen Mathilde’s green folded felt calot by Fabienne Delvigne worn in Austria on Oct 1
5.     6.
Duchess of Cambridge’s raspberry velvet percher with silk flower spray and veil by Philip Treacy worn Oct 12
Countess of Wessex’s navy felt fluted hat with pleated crin trim by Jane Taylor worn Oct 12
7.     8.
Lady Sarah Chatto in a pale pink felt hat with cartwheel brim by Stephen Jones worn Oct 12
Lady Gabriella Windsor’s peacock blue felt sideswept hat with asymmetrical crown by Philip Treacy worn Oct 12
9.    10.
Duchess of York’s emerald straw boater with striped hatband & flying tails by Jess Collett worn Oct 12
Queen Máxima in a pink patterned bandeau headpiece worn Oct 23 in London
11.    12.    13.
Duchess of Cornwall’s navy straw picture hat with asymmetrical crown & twists by Philip Treacy worn Oct 23
Queen Máxima’s black felt Philip Treacy molded teardrop percher with quill worn Oct 24 in London
Countess of Wessex in a navy textured straw pillbox hat by Jane Taylor worn Oct 24
This poll will remain open until next Sunday, December 23  at midnight GMT.   As usual for these polls, each computer or mobile device can vote twice per day for as many hats as you wish. Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Favourite New Royal Hat: September & October 2018

    • HQ I realise my comment above looks narky and critical. I was trying to be droll at my own expense and failed. I am sorry to have sounded so cranky. I had no intention of nitpicking, and I am not at all bothered by your hat selection, I truly believe that what you feature on your blog is entirely your own business and no-one else’s. I so appreciate all the work you put into every single post – and I do love your polls. Thanks for everything!

      • No worries- I was also really surprised the cornflower blue floral headpiece didn’t get more feedback (the hats included in these polls are done so entirely by reader feedback). Perhaps because it was at a private event?

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