Favourite Repeated Royal Hat of 2018

Last year, several hundred hats stepped out on royal heads for the second, third, (or twelfth!) times. Each month, you picked a favourite from these repeatedly worn designs to assemble a list of ten stunning semi-finalists for the year. You have voted, dearest readers, and now we crown a winner in this race for Favourite Repeated Royal Hat Design of 2018:

Embed from Getty Images
Princess Anne’s straw picture hat with cream brim, navy crown, feathers, bows and quills worn March 12

Embed from Getty Images
Autumn Phillips’ magenta straw cocktail hat with rose & quill twists by Juliette Botterill worn June 23

Embed from Getty Images
Queen Máxima’s deep purple felt upsweep with side brim pleat by Fabienne Delvigne worn November 21

Embed from Getty Images
The Countess of Wessex’s oyster straw Jane Taylor picture hat with curling feathers worn June 18


The Countess of Wessex’s lattice brimmed straw saucer hat with twists & coral feathers by Jane Taylor worn May 15

Congratulations to British milliner Jane Taylor, who created this winning saucer hat, and to the other three milliners who designed these beautiful runners up. I can’t say I expected to see one of Princess Anne’s hats included in this list but such is the wonderful world of royal hat watching- there are surprises around every corner!
Jump over to this post to see the poll results in greater detail and please- share your thoughts about these winners! 
Photos from Getty as indicated and The British Royal Family

9 thoughts on “Favourite Repeated Royal Hat of 2018

  1. I am so happy to see Autumn Phillips in the finalist of both lists from last year! I voted for all these hats except Ann’s. I just thought it looked good, not exceptional. It was very hard to vote! I am so glad you are back, Hat Queen! I hope you accomplished what was needed during your short break. I really enjoyed the Ascot series, too!

  2. Lovely to see this gorgeous hat come out on top. The Countess of Wessex is such a stylish hat wearer, and Jane Taylor is such an accomplished milliner, so congratulations for claiming both top spots!
    Very happy to see Princess Anne’s gorgeous hat make the top 5. Very beautiful hat.

  3. I think there’s something wrong with the post. Mine shoes a picture of Autumn Phillips not Princess Anne and the descriptions are all off by one. Then there’s a picture of Camilla in a black hat. I’m wondering if it’s just my ccmputer?!?

      • Refreshing worked and everything got straightened out. It was WILD though, pictures all over the place and popping up randomly with the wrong captions. All is well now though. Thank you for the advice HatQueen.

  4. And yet again we see what a force Sophie is now. She’s by far my favourite royal hatter, she really experiments but stays with things that suits her, a tricky balance. This hat is a total winner and she’s styled it three very different ways now, and each time very successfully.

    As for Anne, well if this hat can make a coat she’s had since 1982 look vaguely current, then it deserves some kind of lifetime achievement award!

  5. Hear, hear! Welcome back!
    I did love that trellis hat and voted for it myself, along with Maxima’s purple and (I confess) Princess Anne’s navy and white. Some excellent millinery here.

  6. Quite amazing to see just how close so many of the results were….a clear indication of such a great variety of wonderful hats! It’s lovely that they get to see the light of day multiple times! Welcome back to our Dear HatQueen!

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