Millinery Update & A Look Back

Back on January 16, Princess Akiko’s wore a blue silk veiled Breton hat that was admired by many of you at New Year’s Poetry Reading.

The hat popped up again last week at the official celebration of Emperor’s 30th anniversary on the throne:

Princess Akiko on January 16 and February 24

Something about this seemed familiar to me and set my millinery Spidey sense tingling. I enlisted the help of a Twitter colleague very knowledgeable about the Imperial royal family who came up with this BRILLIANT find:

My great thanks to Prisma for uncovering this surprise! This makes me want to dive into the Imperial royal photo archives and see what other instances of hat sharing we can find!
Embed from Getty Images
Photos from Getty as indicated;  Sankei News and News 24 Japan

3 thoughts on “Millinery Update & A Look Back

  1. It’s interesting how on Hanako this outfit and hat seem rather standard, but Akiko is able to breathe some new life and modernity into it; I think her lower and more prominent hairstyle helps rather than the shorter hairstyles and higher updos of the older Japanese Imperial princesses.

    Seeing the photo of Sayako wearing a bandeau headpiece in 2005 makes me think that with the Japanese usually going retro in their formal court clothing and the Empress long favoring disc hats, they were actually ahead of the game when it comes to more modern millinery trends. 🙂

  2. Great find, Prisma! I appreciate the hat recycling. Do you suppose anyone will ever re-purpose Empress Michiko’s trademark saucers? As a side note, doesn’t Princess Hisako’s 2005 ensemble stand out? We generally don’t see this much embellishment at these events.

    Interesting post about the investiture hats. The queen’s makes a lot more sense in the context, although that doesn’t make me like it any better. I laughed when I read that the orb on the Prince’s ugly crown was a ping-pong ball!

  3. Wonderful to know the Japanese Royals share clothes like the Luxembourg Royals do! The latter Royals have developed this into an art form!

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