Cheltenham Festival 2019: Day 2

Ladies’ Day at Cheltenham Racecourse today saw clearer skies and another trio of royal hats. The Duchess of Cornwall joined Princess Anne and Zara Tindall at the races today, repeating her ruched tan tweed hat with faux fur brim.

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There’s not much to add about this oft-seen hat (one, I must admit, is so well suited to a winter day in the country at the races) but I do think its styling today, with Camilla’s dotted silk dress and cream textured coat, is a great look for her.

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Designer: Lock & Co
Previously Worn: Nov 23, 2018;  Mar 14, 2018;  Nov 24, 2017;  Nov 26, 2016Mar 29, 2015Feb 13, 2015; Dec 3, 2014; Nov 30, 2014Mar 12, 2014

Princess Anne repeated the burgundy hat we saw her debut in January at Sandringham, giving us a closer look at its detail. Made of burgundy velvet, the hat follows the informal shape of a bucket hat with seamed crown and short brim. This version is trimmed with a double hatband piped in navy piping and burgundy and navy fabric rosettes at the side.

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The colours on the hat pair well with Anne’s coat (I never noticed the burgundy piped navy collar before) and the burgundy shade is lovely on Anne. Is it a fashion forward item? Of course not! I suppose these fabric hats serve good purpose for informal events such as these, although I can’t help wishing she’d gone for another fedora instead, a shape that looks so chic on her.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Jan 27, 2019 

Zara Tindall topped her mulberry tweed coat with a coordinating percher hat in plum felt. The waved teardrop base is trimmed with a single quill and a spray of feathers in multiple shades of purple which ties beautifully with the different shades in the woven coat. Paired with a black and mulberry printed dress (you can just see the collar peeking out), this makes a fantastic look for Zara.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Juliette Botterill, likely from AW 2019 (not yet released). Pip Howeson coat.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

In a late addition to this post, Mike Tindall was also spotted at the races, in a very dapper tweed flat cap (and a tie matched to his wife’s ensemble!). Mike wears hats more than most other royal men (not counting uniform caps) and today is an example of how a simple hat can add polish and panache to a man’s ensemble. So handsome.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of the hats today at the Cheltenham Races?

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20 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival 2019: Day 2

  1. Beautiful colour on Zara, just perfect. We see her so often in blue and grey and she always looks fab in those colours, but this is just gorgeous. The hat is exquisite.

    Princess Anne looks great in her hat too. The burgundy velvet looks rich (and warm). Well done, mother and daughter.

  2. Camilla, Anne, and Zara( as always) looks fabulous. I love the horse pin Princess Anne is wearing and the placement of it.

  3. Three years ago tomorrow, Camilla was wearing the same outfit, but with a darker hat which makes more sense to me than the brown one worn yesterday. She is gifted with a fascinating hat during this trip. Enjoy.

    March 15, 2016; Croatia
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. It’s nice to see Anne dig back into the closet and pull out a coat which is at least 25 years old today. It looks much warmer than Camilla’s. From the photo below, it’s also nice to see that Zara’s millinery taste has matured. Today’s purple is a great color for her, as it was great on HM and Camilla on Monday.

    Christmas, 1994
    Embed from Getty Images

  5. Looks like this is the first time Camilla has worn this hat NOT with the camel plaid coat, and I applaud this choice of white for something different and to help brighten up her look on another cloudy day. I do wish she would rotate in a few of her other winter hats for some variety (as she’s chosen this hat for many past Cheltenham Ladies’ Days). P.S., Camilla’s daughter, Laura Lopes, can be seen in the first photo of the second Anne slideshow, sporting a nice royal blue fedora.

    Anne’s hat is another fine choice for a cold day at the races, but this feels too informal for Ladies Day; but then again, I saw in the photo coverage of Cheltenham that there were many hatless women, so I should appreciate this one.

    Of course Zara takes first prize of these three. A beautiful color we rarely see on her, even if it is in a most familiar shape for her. Brava!

    A few other hats I enjoyed from today, including a very stylish family!
    Embed from Getty Images

  6. It seems Ms. Tindall often wears a teardrop percher hat, but for some reason it really standouts today – elegant and striking. Perhaps it’s the color shade, so rich and delicious? The flowers perfectly placed? It looks particularly good with her coloring.
    I really enjoy Princess Anne’s hat too. It’s demure (as she often is) and yet a bit sassy with the turned-up side. Also a lovely, rich color on her.
    The Duchess of Cornwall’s hat looks warm and comfy. It’s pleasing to the eye.
    So, all around, a lovely hat day!

  7. Zara looks great, though her ears might have been a bit chilly. I really like seeing her and the PR and DoC dressed for the weather, they all three look wintery and garbed for cold. A couple of the other ladies look like they were aspirationally dressed for spring, and I bet they were cold!

    • Gorgeous hat and entire look! Thanks for including this!

      Of course I love Zara’s hat. It’s very pretty, the colors are lovely and the shape works so well on her. In the first slideshow of Zara, the second photo of her walking with a black hatted/coral & pink trouser suited friend is the look that stood out for me. Her friend looks amazing. Very stylish and lovely to see such a vibrant color on a March day.

      • I agree with you Shanon that the outstanding winner for me is the lady in the black hat and coral/black pantsuit. “Living Coral” is the Pantone Color of the Year 2019 and we’re seeing it everywhere! Accessories, hats, clothing and home furnishings are all featuring a “pop of color” with coral, in all it’s various shades, from pinky-orange to bright orange, coral is the name of the game. The Spring runway shows and the Autumn shows all featured coral in their collections somewhere. Granted it’s a very hard color to wear for some people but this woman at the races is “rocking” that outfit! I am glad that Zara wore a beautiful teardrop percher in a lovely color on her and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

  8. I’m liking Camilla’s Faux fur much better than Anne’s from yesterday. And I like Anne’s velvet hat better than yesterday’s too! But Zara is the winner here. Purple is always good and this shape and style is spot on for her, especially with this outing.

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