Danish Royals Celebrate Home Guard

Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark celebrated the Danish Home Guard’s 70th anniversary yesterday with a visit to the Nymindegabcamp. Queen Margrethe repeated her checked fabric hat with domed crown and short sideswept brim trimmed with stacked hatbands in the same burgundy, chocolate and caramel tones in the plaid while Crown Princess Mary donned the green wool beret of the Danish Home Guard uniform.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer of Queen Margrethe’s hat: likely Peter Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: Nov 11, 2018 

These photos offer side views of Queen Margrethe’s hat and show a trim cuff on the back of the hatband- a tailored touch I really like on this hat. What do you think of this hat on its second outing, yesterday?

Photos from Getty as indicated

5 thoughts on “Danish Royals Celebrate Home Guard

  1. I like Queen Margrethe’s hat even more this time around, and agree about the cuff in the back of the hatband — a very nice touch.

    Interesting to see CP Mary in uniform, and the beret, which she wears very well, does appear to be the official beret of the unit, not just a “military-like” hat chosen for the occasion.

  2. I like Queen Margrethe’s hat even better in this appearance. The chocolate brown coat sets it off beautifully.

    As always, I admire CP Mary’s way of wearing a uniform and especially the beret, a skill I like to imagine is taught in Royalling 101.

  3. I still love the coordinated hat and coat – maybe because of the color scheme, and the fact that plaid is a favorite pattern of mine, but the blouse makes things a bit too busy for me.

    Happy April Fools Day! Can you imagine what is going through the Royal minds at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow?

    “After all these years, Philip, and you STILL can’t remember the lyrics to “God Save the Queen?”
    “Is that little Charlotte down there?”
    Not nearly as entertaining as the Braemar Games!
    “OK, I have enough cash – you look great, let’s hit the road! I’m dying for some fish and chips!”
    Embed from Getty Images

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