Inventory: Crown Princess Mary’s Green Hats

Hello everyone! After a lovely break, it’s great to be back… even if the royal hats are scarce these days! Thank you so much for keeping the conversation going while I was away. On this quiet Friday, we’re going to look at another inventory of hats- this time, all of the green hats in Crown Princess Mary’s closet. There are just two so far:

1.Embed from Getty Images  2.
Designer: unknown; Neil Grigg
Introduced: May 12, 2004; March 10, 2005

While the first hat gets points for boldness, the more flattering and wearable design here is the second hat, which you can see from different angles here and here and here. Mary tends to stick to neutrals for her hats (the easier to mix them with different outfits, I suppose) so it’s not entirely surprising to see the green shelf in her millinery closet rather empty…. but we can still hope for some new additions here, right?!

Photos from Getty as indicated; Ryan Pierse via Getty

4 thoughts on “Inventory: Crown Princess Mary’s Green Hats

  1. The first hat is definitely a shape of the early 2000s, although the olive color is a nice shade for her.

    The second hat, while the shape is fairly standard, is flattering, and the dark sage and white scheme is great for Mary. If this is hiding in a hatbox somewhere at Amalienborg, it should make another appearance!

  2. Both hats are pretty designs, and the shapes are flattering to the Crown Princess. But, as someone who has the same coloring, I think I may understand why she doesn’t wear more green hats. It’s a color family that can be hard for dark brunettes to wear without looking washed out.

  3. How shocking that she has so few green ones (and not very great ones at that!). I think it would look great with her hair to have some forest green hats!

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