Queen Enjoys Spring Newbury Races

Queen Elizabeth took in one of her favourite past times today, attending the second day of the Dubai Duty Free Spring Trials Weekend at Newbury Racecourse.  For this day at the races, the Queen repeated her modified dark green felt cloche with high, stacked asymmetrical crown and short brim. The hat is trimmed with a wide dark green felt hatband punctuated with an under-hatband in lime green, a knot in these two green shades and a pair of curved dark green quills.

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I really appreciate the textural contrast between the felt hat and nubbly wool coat and admire how those small lime green accents lighten and brighten the dark hued hat. While I love the knotted trim (something we just don’t see often), it’s the quills that make this hat for me, giving the design such a lovely sense of movement. Overall, it’s a restrained piece but I’m OK with that, particularly when we think about some of the other hats in Her Majesty’s millinery wardrobe that are more exuberantly trimmed. What is fascinating, however, about today’s ensemble is <gasp>… the complete absence of a brooch. We certainly don’t see that very often.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: Jan 21, 2018

What do you think of this hat today on its second public outing?

Photos from Getty as indicated

30 thoughts on “Queen Enjoys Spring Newbury Races

  1. Agreed with all that this is a welcome repeat. That sliver of lime in the under-hatband is so subtle, but gives it a lot of dimension. The short brim frames HM’s face so nicely, and the knot trim makes a great focal point.

  2. I apologize for the stupidity of the question, but why doesn’t Angela Kelly (or whoever) modify the trim on her Majesty’s hats every now and then? Then you’d have the same hat but it would look different because the trim was different? But i never see that being done. I know she doesn’t need to save money but can someone explain why that isn’t ever done in general?

  3. I like this hat and it’s contrast of the greens. I’d like the brim to be about a centimetre bigger though, it just feels a tad cut off in these pics for me.

    And this outfit is screaming for a brooch! A little emerald would have been lovely. She goes broochless more often than you’d think, but this very plain coat really could do with one!

  4. I audibly gasped when I saw this post because this was one of my favorite hats of 2018, and I’m so happy for its return! There wasn’t a brooch the last time she wore this outfit, but the collar helped distract from that; this time, however, the coat looks naked, especially with the very simple collar. Despite that complaint, I still love this hat, especially with the contrast of winter and springtime greens!

  5. While not totally familiar with the seasonal weather of the various parts of England, doesn’t this whole ensemble seem a bit wintry for the middle of April? (Especially when you consider that the previous appearance was in January with the addition of a fur collar?)

  6. I think HM is showing her sense of humour! The first four comments all mention the lack of a brooch and the column is discussing royal hats. If she could see it I am sure it would bring one of those beautiful smiles and a thought that she fooled us this time. No matter I really like the ensemble!

  7. This is a successful and serviceable little hat, and the trims, especially the quills really do elevate it.

    The omission of the brooch is quite curious (Perhaps Ms. Kelly left the brooch selection basket locked in the vault by mistake?). Given that this coat has no trim or contrasting detailing, and is a very pretty but somber color, a brooch would have lifted the whole ensemble. Something like the trusty Sunflower, or the recent favorite from Singapore would have helped hugely — and pearls would have been lovely.

    Without any contrast to give relief, and given the squared off seaming in the coat design (especially visible in the three quarter view photo) it looks like it might be constructed of nubby bathmats….and that is never a good look for HM.

  8. Personally, I think someone better start checking the floor of her car and the grass where she got out of the car to look for the brooch! Can’t believe she didn’t at least start out the day with one!!

  9. I scrolled through the pictures, waiting for a glimpse of a lime green dress to explain the trim – because with HM, it’s never all about the hat, is it? And hey presto, picture 4 on the last set – lime green dress. I’m happy. Except, to be honest, I felt a brooch would have brightened up the dark green coat – a pearl one would have been nice…

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