Wrapping Up The Royal Windsor Horse Show

The Royal Windsor Horse Show concluded over the weekend with a number of royal attended events and a quintet of royal hats. On Saturday, Queen Elizabeth presented the day’s awards in a repeated her pink felt hat with square crown and short, cartwheel brim. The hat is trimmed with slim hatband of braided chevron-edged felt, a wide blue quill and curled copper feathers. Her Majesty wears pink so well and while I’m still not a great fan of the bouclé fabric used for her coat, the hat coordinates well with it.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: Sep 2, 2017Feb 2, 2014Apr 21, 2017

Sunday, the final day of the show, saw The Champagne Laurent-Perrier Meet of the British Driving Society held in Home Park. Prince Michael of Kent was one of three members of the royal family to take part in carriage driving, looking dapper in a classic black felt bowler hat.

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The Countess of Wessex made her carriage driving debut in a hat that has become a workhorse in her millinery closet, her navy moulded straw percher with swirling cream and gold feather trim. On its own, the hat is great on Sophie- great scale, great colour, great placement- but here, it’s fantastic. Matching one’s riding crop to the feathers on one’s hat is a whole other level of chic.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: Mar 12, 2018Nov 14, 2017Nov 24, 2016;  Aug 16, 2015Sep 15, 2012Jun 5, 2012

Lady Louise took part in this, her second event of this year’s show, with a repeated lichen green plaid top hat with caramel suede hatband and piping around the saddle brim. It’s a quintessential carriage driving hat but one Lady Louise wears well.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: May 14, 2017

Queen Elizabeth was on hand for the final day of the show yesterday to present winning awards in a vibrant new blue hat. In dark turquoise straw, the hat features a flat, straight-sided crown and upturned kettle brim edged in a wide band of the same silk crepe as Her Majesty’s matching coat. A slight sidesweep gives elegant movement to the shape, as does the tall straw ‘wrap’ around the crown; the hat is finished with a slim silk crepe hatband and silk roses on the side.

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The colour of this ensemble is perfection and it’s lovely to see a slightly wider brim on the Queen. I think I’d prefer the brim edge be a smidge narrower but that’s nitpicking- it’s a great new addition to the Queen’s hat wardrobe

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Designer: Looks like Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new

It looks like a wonderful time was had here by all, in addition to these great hats. Which one stands out to you?

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20 thoughts on “Wrapping Up The Royal Windsor Horse Show

  1. I’m still of the same mind about this pink hat for HM: overall it’s a good look, but I think the feathers could be done much better.

    Prince Michael looks old-school fantastic as usual! I don’t mind the pattern-mixing (I do it myself!), but the black bowler does seem a bit at odds with the rest of his light brown/beige outfit (although it looks like his shoes are most likely black, which makes things better).

    An oldie but goodie for Sophie. I only wish she would try a different hairstyle with this one (I would like to see her hair down for once).

    While this top hat is overall a great look for Louise, I’m afraid it’s still too big, pushing it into Mad Hatter territory unfortunately. She may grow into this one a bit more, so there’s still hope for a proper fit.

    Looks like an overall winner in cerulean for HM! Definitely looks to be a great addition to the wardrobe, although I would like to have a closer inspection of the floral/rose trim. My only real complaint are the brass buttons on the coat, which look very dated to me, and clash a bit with that beautiful diamond, emerald, and (presumably) platinum/silver brooch.

        • I just Googled Hermes headscarves – Holy Toledo!! Chu-ching!! Wowza!! So much for one of them being a gift to Mrs. Jimbo. She’ll have to continue using one of my red cowboy bandannas when she’s out plowing the fields and slopping the hogs.

          • If Mrs. Jimbo likes bandana’s, Hermès does silk bandana’s (55 x 55 cm) for 180 euros … If one has to plough, at least one can do it fashionable!

          • Wies, you are very funny. I’m scrapping the whole scarf idea – she’d rather have a nice bottle of chardonnay!
            BTW, I’m replying to myself right now, since there is no “reply” button for your last comment.

          • But think of how Parisian Mrs. Jimbo would look wearing one with one of her berets!

          • I think we can’t reply to replies to keep us from straying too much from the main topic. But headscarves are still headwear, so I hope HatQueen will forgive us.
            Although, now that you start throwing bottles of Chardonnay into the discussion, I’m not sure we are heading in the right direction. (I suppose it is only natural when discussing French luxury brands.)
            I’m definitely going to have a look at the scarf department in Hermès next time I’m in Paris. Just to get motivated to start saving. As to Mrs. Jimbo preferring wine over silk scarves, I think you are making assumptions! One can have the one as
            well as the other, n’est-ce pas?

  2. I always love the photos from this event – The Queen is always at her most natural and relaxed! As for the hats, love them all but for me, Sophie’s is just fabulous! Does she have a dresser? If so, she deserves a medal. She never fails to wear a fabulous hat and always at the right angle. As for The Queen’s pink coat dress and hat – I love, love, love the whole ensemble! Lady Louise is growing up fast and she will look terrific once her braces are off – good on her for the big smiles. Many girls wearing braces keep their mouths firmly shut!

  3. All five are good hats, and the scarf collection never ceases to amaze.
    The Queen’s new teal hat looks like a split-crown design in reverse. Is it? That design certainly has been around for a long time. The whole outfit is a nice addition to the working wardrobe.
    The pink hat is all right; it’s the coat/dress fabric that tends to look dull from a distance. I suspect that’s the reason the Queen usually wears bright solid colors. The vertical central stripe in this coat seems to be slightly off-center to the left: the stripes on the two sides of the neck are not the same distance from the neck.

  4. Sophie’s blue is holding up well. Great ensemble, although the pinks in the scarf look a little off with the browns in the hat trim.

    Splendid traditional looks on both Prince Michael and Lady Louise. Does anyone know the significance of the yellow carnation for the drivers.

    Another split brim…oh well, the color is gorgeous.

  5. What a fantastic quintet of hats, and a beautiful quartet of scarves!
    I really like HM’s dusty pink hat with whimsical feathers – past comments from its previous outings were not always as favorable.
    Prince Michael looks sooooooo English with his mis-matched(?) coat/shirt/tie patterns, and sitting on a close resemblance to the Balmoral tartan cushions. I have been accused of dressing in the dark when attempting the country gentleman appearance.
    Sophie looks gorgeous as ever, and Lady Louise is really growing up – braces and all! Her top hat is wonderful.
    No surprise, but Queen Elizabeth’s Sunday ensemble is my favorite. Except possibly for the green brooch choice, I have NO nits to pick – the color, shape, scale, and trim are absolutely perfect, as seem from these uneducated eyes! I just know what I like.
    My dear mother always wore headscarves, (NEVER hats!) and she would be 94 if still alive. From the same fashion era as HM, she always looked very nice.

  6. I LOVE HM’s new hat. With that wide binding on the brim, it’s reminiscent of her early noughties style which had this a lot. It’s balanced and elegant, very, very lovely.

    And Sophie’s Hat has seen some wear hasn’t it! Still, she manages to reinvent it successfully every time, this is another fabulous look.

  7. As in years past, the Queen also attended the show several days in Hermes silk headscarves
    Embed from Getty Images

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