Prince of Wales Hosts Palace Garden Party

This season of British royal garden parties kicked off today with the Prince of Wales hosting this year’s first event, on behalf of the Queen, at Buckingham Palace. The Prince, who carried his black silk top hat, was joined by his wife and sister.

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The Duchess of Cornwall repeated a cream straw picture hat with off-center, peaked crown, upswept brim and spiky ecru feather explosion on the side. It’s a familiar look from Camilla but one she carries very well.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: June 5, 2018; July 1, 2017June 20, 2017

Princess Anne repeated a pale blue straw stovepipe crowned hat wrapped in a wide silk organza hatband that ties in a large bow. Today, Anne placed the bow around the back, leaving the arrow trimmed feathers studded in it nearly out of view.

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While it’s a lovely colour for her (particularly with that gobstopping aquamarine pendant!), the hat’s scale and tall crown is simply too big. There are at least three other pale blue hats in Anne’s wardrobe (here, here and here) with more flattering scale and shape- one ought to match well enough with this suit to pair with it.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: July 1, 2015; June 18, 2013; June 14, 2011; likely others 

Thoughts on this pair of hats today at Buckingham Palace?

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10 thoughts on “Prince of Wales Hosts Palace Garden Party

  1. While we are entering the season of Camilla’s white, cream, and beige hat binge, this is a good one to start things off, even though I preferred the color contrast of the blue outfit she wore previously.

    I’m always curious why Charles never wears his top hat and always carries it at these garden parties, especially as other members of the British Royal Family usually wear theirs.

    While the crown is a bit tall and the trim a bit large, I’ve always liked this hat for Anne. Unfortunately, this is my least favorite outing, mainly because she’s wearing it backwards, and it’s very obvious; sometimes you can move a hat around and the trim will work in various locations, but on this hat the trim definitely needs to be more towards the front IMO.

  2. I adore the first photos of the group from up and behind. It gives a wonderful glimpse of the details on the hats that we don’t normally get to see.
    I think Camilla looks lovely. Just a perfect choice of hat and outfit for a garden party.
    Charles looks immaculate.
    The color on Anne is glorious, and her pendant is superb. I don’t mind the hat as it reflects her simplified style. I do wish she wore a lighter shade of gloves, shoes, and purse.
    Other than that, I think it was a great show!

  3. Camiila: I can hardly recall ever seeing a hat of Camilla’s that I didn’t like. Treacy really knows how to style for her.
    Anne: I’m thrilled with this look. Turning the hat around was a masterstroke. Anne often wears fussy, dainty and overwrought styling that in my view doesn’t sit well with her bold, energetic and athletic personality. With that huge ethereal bow out of sight, the hat seems strong, simple and modern, more in tune with the simple lines of the suit. The size of the hat now looks fine to me – Anne has always been able to carry off larger scale millinery. And where the double string of pearls she wore the last two times was too small and inadequate for the neckline, the amazing aquamarine pendant is doing a far better job of creating a focal point. The overall effect reminds me a bit of Anne’s style in her youth – clean, sculptural, straightforward.

  4. I guess that, at an event where hundreds of people are invited, at least a big hat is easy for a guest to spot in amongst the crowds! I thought Camilla looked amazing, and Anne, dressing to set off the jewels, very nice too!

  5. as Camilla wears her hat askew the crown it too high thus making it sort of egg shaped, not my favorite
    Anne’s hat has a lovely soft color we usually don’t see on her, suits her very well

    • In photos of this and the past three season’s new collection of hats, Philip Treacy models consistently have worn this style of hat at this same angle, making me quite certain it is intended to be worn this way.

  6. Camilla and Prince Charles look splendid. Seeing the photos of Princess Anne, I was shocked, but pleased, to see her in a “summery looking” outfit. From photos I have seen, she tends to favor darker, dowdy looking outfits. I agree, the hat appears to tall but I love the color. I wish Princess Anne had chosen cream colored accessories, i.e., gloves and shoes.

  7. While a predictable choice for Camilla, I have to say that she looks fabulous from head to toe and Prince Charles looks very dapper. I’m not sure whether I like Anne’s look or not. I can’t take my eyes off that aquamarine pendant long enough to check out the hat.

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