Dutch Monarchs Kick Off German Visit

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima arrived in the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania region of Germany yesterday for a three-day visit. For this arrival, Queen Máxima repeated her black double bandeau padded headpiece covered in black silk.

Bandeau headpieces are at the height of current millinery fashion these days and through this lens, this headpiece seems more stylish than we’ve given it credit for being in the past. The ensemble is also a great pairing with the headpiece taking a secondary, complimentary role to the patterned skirt and vibrant top- it’s a great look for the Dutch queen.

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Outfit by Natan
Previously Worn: October 26, 2017June 1, 2015May 29, 2013April 30, 2010 Additionally, this headpiece was worn by Princess Mabel on November 2, 2013

This is the third hat we’ve seen Queen Máxima pair with this vibrant outfit and, I think, the one that balances the overall ensemble best. What do you think?

Photos from social media; Picture Alliance and Picture Alliance via Getty

12 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Kick Off German Visit

  1. Queen Maxima could wear a paper bag and still look absolutely gorgeous ! I just love the way the King looks at her … he always seems to appreciate her doesn’t he ??? 😊

  2. Hot pink and black have always been one of my favorite color combos, so I definitely have to vote for the most recent pairing as my favorite. I do agree that the 2016 hat is very similar to Lady Sarah’s hat from the recent Windsor wedding, but on Maxima would prefer it with a paler more subtle ensemble.

    • I agree that the black hat and shoes are best with this skirt and top. I don’t like most of her open crowned hats but the shape of this one is so good and HatQueen called it a double bandeau (which sounds more fashionable!!) and I really like it. I think Max’s ponytail is perfect with it.

  3. This hat and Máxima’s styling of it have definitely gotten better as time goes on. This hat combined with the black T-strap shoes makes for a great pairing with this dress, and it all strikes the right tone of being sophisticated while still relaxed. Brava!

  4. Do my eyes deceive me? Is this a tolerable Ntan? I’m a bit disappointed it isn’t a pillbox as I originally thought but it still works very well.

  5. The navy/ black bandeau works well.

    Very often it is the length of Maxima’s skirt that prevents the best presentation of her hat and clothing.

    She hit all the marks this time.

  6. I agree that this hat makes the best pairing. The pale pink picture hat is so pretty, but gets washed out against the bright pink top. The black is a great contrast to the pink and picks up the pattern of the skirt. The good thing about bandeaus and open headpieces is the lightness. A full black hat would look too heavy with this ensemble.

  7. I love how Máx gets such value out of her hats, and she recreates a look each time, I wish Kate would mix and match more like this (I know, I normally try to avoid comparisons…)

    Anyway, this is a great counter to the fabulous 50s skirt and twinset. It ties the black in, and allows the skirt to be the star. Agree with you, it’s the best of the three combos.

    • Hi Avaruth- welcome here! As you become familiar with Royal Hats, you’ll notice that your questions are included in the post (including the colour and design details of the hat), so I encourage you to please read it. Beneath the photos is the designer information and a list of previous times the hat has been worn, with links to those previous outings so you can see how the hat looked and what it was paired with.

  8. The first wearing channels Lady Sarah Chatto! I like the black accessories best, but only because the bandeau looks like a pillbox from most angles!

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