Seeing Twenty-Seven: Queen Máxima’s Upswept Picture Hats

Royal HatsOne of Queen Máxima’s signature hat shapes is the upswept ‘slice’- a wide brimmed picture hat with brim that soars high on one side of the hat above a rounded crown. Large brimmed picture hats can be difficult for royals to wear as the wide brim obstructs the all-important view of one’s royal face; the raised brim on this design not only alleviates this issue but it frames the wearer’s face in a kind of royal millinery halo.  Máxima’s hats in this genre are usually simply trimmed with hatband around the base of the crown, leaving the dramatic shape of the hat to remain the focus of its impact.

Straw Versions, in the order they were introduced (I believe all by Belgian milliner Fabienne Delvigne):

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Natural, textured straw on April 1, 2006; Sienna orange on April 30, 2006 

2010-07-04 christen Nieuw Amsterdam cruise ship Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Ivory with grey binding July 4, 2010; Textured orange on June 3, 2013; Palest pink on September 21, 2010;

 Embed from Getty Images 2011-11-03 Saint Martin 250 Embed from Getty Images
Natural beige on May 30, 2013; Tomato red on November 3, 2011; Peachy-beige on June 3, 2013;

2013-09-17 Prinsjesdag 7 250  2014-09-03 University College Roosevelt 3 250  Embed from Getty Images
Warm gold on Sep 17, 2013; Ecru fringed on Sept 3, 2014; Fuchsia on King’s Day on April 27, 2015;

UPDATE- Since this post was published, Queen Máxima has added these additional straw hats in this style: 

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Coppery brown on March 10, 2016; Black on November 7, 2016; Leaf green on June 5, 2018 

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Deep magenta on May 29, 2019; Pale grey-blue on June 25, 2019

Raw Edge Straw Versions: Fabienne Delvigne has made two additional variations of this shape for Queen Máxima in straw with unfinished, fraying edges

Embed from Getty Images  2018-07-02 Curacao 1 250
Dusky pink on May 22, 2004 at the Spanish royal wedding; Aqua on July 2, 2018 in Curaçao

Felt Versions, also in order of introduction (again, I believe all are by Belgian milliner Fabienne Delvigne):

2014-02-12 Rotterdam symposium 1 2502014-02-12 Rotterdam symposium 5 250  2012-09-18 Opening of Parliament 250
Mushroom greige seen above on February 12, 2014; Magenta for Prinsjesdag in Sep 2012

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Charcoal on October 16, 2013; Medium grey on October 17, 2013; Deep purple on October 15, 2014

2015-03-05 Maxima Canal 4 250
Camel on March 5, 2015

UPDATE- Since this post was published, Queen Máxima has added the following felt hats in this style:   

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Pale grey on April 27, 2017; Deep magenta on Oct 24, 2017; Dark green on 
January 17, 2018

Queen Máxima has taken the upswept brim shape and attached it on several hats with square crowns (like this one) not included in this list, but that further illustrates her penchant for this particular brim shape. She remains a very popular figure when it comes to royal hats and her distinctive style is partly defined by the way she has embraced these slice picture hats. What do you think of this style? Do you prefer this hat in straw or in felt?

29 thoughts on “Seeing Twenty-Seven: Queen Máxima’s Upswept Picture Hats

  1. My goodness there are a lot of these hats! What’s interesting is that when Queen Maxima wears another one, I think “Oh wow, she’s wearing one of these style again!” and not “Oh No” the way I do with some of her other hats like the donuts or those bandage type ones. My favorites here are the ones in bright colors and I love when Maxima puts her hair in a side bun as it looks so good with this type of hat.

  2. Love this shape on her, and straw is the winner by a nose. But it’s lovely to see something other than felt berets and pillboxes in the winter time. Hat lovers like ourselves still need variety even in the depth of winter!

  3. “royal millinery halo” — that is a brilliant turn of phrase, HatQueen! I love these hats of Max’s and they really suit her well. Obviously she thinks so too, as she has so many. Oh, to have a reason to have 14 of the same hat plus many more! It’s a hard call, but I think I love the straw versions best.

  4. Oh my goodness! We get the Queen Mum as a bonus. How nice to see those photographs. The picture hats are fabulous on Maxima, both straw and felt.

  5. Maxima absolutely ROCKS these hats! I don’t think many can, but SHE sure does! This style is my favorite on her!

  6. Fabulous post!
    The unfolded brim does highlight the face so well, both for Queen Máxima and for the Queen Mum. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures of each queen.
    I actually prefer Max’s straw hats. Since they’re so big, they appear lighter when light shows through the straw, but I think they all looks wonderful.

  7. Beautiful style for Maxima. I would wear them all the time if I were her too. She is so beautiful! And she always looks so fun-loving and like she is having a wonderful time.

  8. Having read the wonderful ‘Chicago Chuck’ Ascot Top hat post and comments recently, MrFitzroy would love to see Maxima in a version of these folded slices made from the lusterous brushed silk fabric so amazingly conveyed in the tale of Charles’s hat….it’s unfortunate that the material is no longer produced. But one can wonder!

  9. Loving both straw and felt, but prefer when she sets them a bit back on her head so her bangs show. I just think it looks more squishy when her hat is so far down her forehead. I remember when I saw the bright pink and was just breathless. She carries these big hats so confidently. I’m glad she wears them!

  10. It’s certainly a winning hat shape, its size suits Max’s exuberant personality, and it adds a touch of drama to any outfit. I don’t prefer straw or felt, both work equally well for different seasons.

    I have just two thoughts though… Firstly, 4 of the straw ones are in such similar colours, I can’t see why she needed so many.

    But secondly – my overriding feeling… Is she turning into the late Queen Mum!? Imagine if you did this feature on her hats… It would be Seeing x426!

    • My goodness, doing a ‘Hat Twins’ post on the Queen Mother might be the end of me!

      I don’t think Queen Máxima is quite there yet… she has a few go-to hat shapes (this one, her famous ruched toques, a few large mushroom brimmed picture hats, the bandage-y head wraps, calots and the open-topped doughnuts) but throws in something completely different (like this recent hat) every once in a while to keep us on our toes.

      • Haha I know! It’s just that this one is an updated version of the Queen Mums hats! I’d be happy to see her stick with this one if we saw the end of the doughnut hats!!

        • It IS an updated version of the Queen Mum’s hats. I can’t believe I didn’t make that connection! Wonder if that was the initial inspiration?

          Embed from Getty Images

      • The fold of the brim is the same idea.
        Embed from Getty Images

        Embed from Getty Images

        Embed from Getty Images

        Embed from Getty Images

        Embed from Getty Images

        Embed from Getty Images

        Embed from Getty Images

        Embed from Getty Images

        Embed from Getty Images

      • Oh Dear, I love all Queen Max and Queen Mum’s hats, those are my style of hats and I would cherish each and every one of them and keep them in special boxes and wear one each day……..Thank you so much Hat Queen, this has been a really fun place to go to when I want a new hat and can’t, so I watch the royals in all their millinery and finery and enjoy them immensely. And I hope the donuts hats are lost forever along with what I call flying saucers hats. These are HATS, beautiful, glorious hats that when on a lady’s head make her stand tall and proud to be a woman who can wear these beautiful hats.

    • As for explaining the four natural straw hats…

      1. Golden straw. It’s the most recent addition to the collection and was clearly made as a perfect match for her gold gown. Maxima wore this for the opening of parliament in 2013 one of the highest profile events so the hat had to be just right.
      2. Taupe straw. The brim on this is made of very light, nearly transparent straw. We have only seen Maxima wear it with solid colours and I suspect it wouldn’t stand up well to a print.
      3. Ivory straw with rough edged brim. The rough edging on the brim significantly reduces the number of things that will pair well with this hat. It’s also not clear if this was a commission for Queen Maxima or her mother, who wore it first for Princess Amalia’s christening.
      4. Natural straw. We have seen Maxima wear this with five different outfits and no wonder- it’s the most neutral and versatile of the lot.

  11. I love them all – no matter what material. They look great on Maxima and she knows it. I like to call them (not entirely correct I know) her Musketeer hats – the wide brims and something about Maxima’s dashing and nonchalant attitude towards hat pins make it sound quite appropriate.

  12. I love them all!! I don’t think I will ever grow tired of these hats on Maxima, no matter how often she wears them. It is a fantastic shape on her and one I would like to see more people try in general.

  13. I’m drawn to picture hats, so I like most of these, but my favorites are the two almost-transparent straw versions.

  14. I love these hats and I love them on her. She understands the value and drama of a really great hat. She always looks amazing in these big gorgeous hats.

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