British Royals Welcome American State Visit

Queen Elizabeth, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall officially welcomed the American president and first lady to the UK this morning with events at Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.

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For the Buckingham Palace welcome, Queen Elizabeth repeated a hat in the prettiest muted jade straw. With with straight-sided, domed top crown and short cartwheel brim, the design is finished with silk flowers and a multi-looped straw bow.

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The last time the Trumps paid a visit, the Queen’s hat made headlines and I can only imagine there were efforts behind the scenes to prevent this happening a second time. The best way to do this? Repeat a hat we saw Her Majesty wear less than two weeks ago, in a completely neutral (not red, white or blue) colour. So no hat story here! It’s another brilliant stroke of diplomatic dressing on her part.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: May 22, 2019May 15, 2018June 23, 2017

The Duchess of Cornwall used this occasion to debut a new hat in ivory straw. The crown has a unique pinch pleat that swirls across the front of the crown to form a short peak on the top (see it on a similar design from the Spring Summer 2019 Philip Treacy collection here).

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The inherent informality of this interesting crown shape is balanced by the hat’s crin trim. A four-layer fanning hatband in windowpane lattice printed crin follows the crown swirl and folds into a large, quadruple looped bow on the side. Camilla loves a cream straw hat (she’s got 28 others!) and while I would love to see additions to her millinery wardrobe in other colours, the details and shape on this hat are certainly interesting and allow it to confidently stand on its own.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: This hat is new

American First Lady Melania Trump wore a streamlined and very crisp navy and white ensemble topped with a jaunty hat. With a flat crown and cartwheel brim in what looks to be fabric covered straw, the hat is simply trimmed in a wide navy hatband. It’s a fantastically chic look on Mrs. Trump, particularly placed on an angle and with her hair styled in a sweep across her forehead.

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Designer: Hervé Pierre (American designer, fashion consultant and Mrs. Trump’s stylist). Dress by Dolce and Gabbana.

Joining the American entourage was the president’s daughter, Ivanka Kushner, who wore a formed ivory felt percher trimmed with a knotted bow. While I’m reticent to critique a non-royal hat wearer who doesn’t wear hats often, the position of this one seems odd to me (more of a superhero mask than a percher hat) as does the material, which just feels out of season.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Alessandra Rich jacket and skirt.

There are some good hats here- which ones stand out most to you?

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27 thoughts on “British Royals Welcome American State Visit

  1. Day 2 with the Trumps in town, and HM is “business as usual,” meeting with the PM of Australia, wearing an almost 10 year old dress. The accompanying hat, below, would be a warm welcome – cheerful, bright, but alas, long tucked away in the closet, maybe the attic by now!

    June 4, 2019
    Embed from Getty Images

    November 28, 2009
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Gosh, Jimbo, never mind the hat, I can’t look away from that dress. For HM, it’s SO bright against that classical interior. I bet PM Scott Morrison didn’t know that this is her Jamaica outfit, worn with the hat for her 2009 visit to Trinidad, as it’s in Jamaica’s 3 colours of black, green and gold. As Australia’s sporting colours are green and gold, the royal wardrobe team may have thought that this dress was near enough to do!

  2. A shout out to Mrs. Trump. As one who doesn’t wear hats regularly like the royal family Mrs. Trump’s is elegant!!!

  3. Ivanka needs some “hat counseling”, but then again way too many Americans are hat ignorant (I’m American). Perhaps she didn’t try it on before hand? All the others are beautiful and I’m pleased that our two countries have come together for this meeting.

  4. HM: As much as I like everything about this muted jade ensemble (again), I would have preferred to have seen something else from further back in the closet – most of her outfits would be non-confrontational, appropriate for the occasion, and give us another wonderful blast from the past to enjoy.
    Camilla: Enough already! 28 of ANYTHING is going overboard. Give us something colorful. Mcncln, I respectfully disagree with you – Camilla’s hair would be even nicer with a contrasting colored hat, IMHO.
    Melania: It’s so nice to see this beautiful first lady “when in Rome, doing as the Romans.” Not one to wear hats often, Melania actually has no fewer than FIVE white hats, from recent times, including a USA ball cap! Crisp white and navy just look great together. BTW, I’m glad that men don’t need to wear those killer (literally) shoes. Her ensemble reminds me of Spectator shoes – are they still worn today?
    Ivanka: All my thoughts have already been posted.

  5. I like all of the hats except whatever that is on Ivanka’s head. Is it possible the crown of Melania’s was done to deal with her hairstyle. To be honest, I didn’t notice the crown until others mentioned it.

  6. Camilla’s new hat is lovely, it’s the sort of substantial design she can wear so well. (But 28…?!) The Queen’s is a very serviceable repeat. Melania’s hat looks good from most angles, but then when you see it from the “up” side, where the oversize aspect of the crown is so obvious, it looks so precariously perched on her head that it makes one wonder what the point was. I really like Ivanka’s hat in theory, but actually it looks really odd when it’s worn by a person, and I’m really not sure what placement would solve that and not look odd. Right across the crown of the head 1950s style, perhaps?

  7. Ivanka: I’m happy to be the outlier and declare that I adore this inspired Treacy hat down to the last detail, and would not change its position one iota. Ivanka’s “down” hairstyle complements this hat to perfection (though her suit is sadly too different in style to the hat).
    HM: I see those rather wilted silk flowers still haven’t been spruced up — never mind, it’s still a lovely hat and look for her. HM’s experience with meeting hundreds of heads of state over 7 decades really shows — she is in her element here, so unstuffy and jovial and relaxed.
    Camilla: Wow, 28 cream/white hats?The colour does look fantastic with her almost-white hair. Like Maxima, Camilla seems to believe that when it comes to hats that flatter you, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it– and I have to agree with her regarding this beauty.
    Melania: This hat and look should have been a knockout, but like others I too am baffled by the oversized crown. It looks like it might slide off at any moment, as if Ms Trump got the size wrong – not a great impression for a hat that is bespoke.

      • Hi wies, I see what you mean about the 1900s sailor hat vibe, I do love the boater style. However hats in those days were worn elevated on wide bouffant hairstyles, often with added hairpieces, so they sat differently to today’s boaters. But I have already seen online another oversized boater hat worn as Melania is doing; so, I’ll be interested to see if this look develops a following.

        • You are right about the difference in hair styling, a different volume changes everything. Still, I think this clean, crisp looks suits Mrs.Trump.
          Lets see if this is the beginning of a new trend then!

  8. Definitely a great repeat by HM, but an interesting choice considering we just saw it a couple weeks ago. A hat is just a hat . . . except when it’s not. For me, HM won the sartorial stakes this round.

    Well, if Camilla has to add yet ANOTHER white/cream/beige hat to her collection, I’m glad it’s this one! I’m sad we don’t get to appreciate the details of the crinoline trim more as they were washed out in the sunlight in most photos. But also, why the all-white outfit? At least choose grey to create a contrast that isn’t too contrasting.

    Melania’s hat and outfit were indeed stunning, except for the unnecessarily oversized crown on this boater. Every time I look at it, it seems like the hat is too large for her, and yet we can clearly see the crown fits perfectly when viewed from the underside, so why exaggerate on top? For what could be a small detail, it has driven me crazy all day!

    Oh my, now that BethNY has mentioned it, I can’t unsee the eyemask on Ivanka’s head.

    • I meant to mention the oversize crown- clearly deliberate, as it appears in the original sketch as well. It does set the proportions off a bit.

  9. Love how the Queen doesn’t raise a hand to her hat when the other two women are concerned by a gust of wind. Years and years of practice at anchoring her hats!

    The light green is a lively and flattering colour on HM (and on the more interesting side of mint) and she’s worn a stonking brooch! Well done, ma’am. Camilla’s hat is impressive, but her dress less so (looks like a tennis shift) and she doesn’t appear to be wearing a petticoat, which is poor form. Mrs Trump looks very smart, good for her, but I wish the fit of the dress was a little less, well, fitting. It’s hard to go wrong with navy and white so that was a good choice. Her hat is of a set with the others, by which I mean it looks smart and polished, is of a good size and worn well.

    Ivanka is usually a great dresser so I have no idea what’s going on here. Her hat is all wrong and her outfit doesn’t flatter her willowy figure. Colour me puzzled on that one.

  10. Lovely hats, all of them, although I am not convinced that Ivanka’s is perching where it ought.
    After having just seen the State Dinner gowns, I’m going to think of this as the White State Visit.

    • Patricia, I noticed the huge amount of white also – both in the daytime and at the dinner – to the point where I began to wonder if the wearing of white was some sort of protocol thing for state visits.

      Camilla’s new hat doesn’t particularly excite me. If she hadn’t been wearing a white dress, I might have preferred the hat with the crin in a contrasting color. Melania’s whole ensemble was perfectly chosen, and I was happy to see HM’s mint green again, despite it having been worn so recently. And another benefit of participating in this blog – I didn’t even think about the diplomatic considerations of the color choice until reading about it here!

  11. All the ladies look wonderful! Her Majesty’s choice of hat was diplomatic dressing personified and while I love The Duchess of Cornwall in cream and white, I agree with others that a pastel outfit would have been lovely, perhaps pink or blue? Mrs. Trump looks fantastic and her ensemble was crisp and trim with an awesome American milliner’s creation, I just love her white hat with beautiful navy hatband! Good show ladies!

  12. Her Maj looks lovely and Camilla can wear a hat like no one else. I’m not sure about the angle of Melania’s hat but she looks perfectly put together, as always. As to Ivanka, I think that her stylist forgot to pack her hat and fashioned a lovely little number from an Air Force One sleep mask. See how the head strap makes a jaunty little loop embellishment? We Americans know how to improvise.

  13. I had exactly the same thoughts re HM’s hat, she was totally going for something non controversial. All for it, it’s a grey hat and good to see if getting some wear.

    Camilla looks lovely, but I’m not loving that funny pinch at the top.

  14. In a sea of cream and white, Her Majesty stood out (as she should). She looks wonderful, and the hat is perfect!
    The Duchess of Cornwall looks wonderful, and her new hat is a terrific addition to her millinery collection. Her over all look is fabulous!

    Melania looked wonderful. I love the crisp look of her outfit and her hat is just beautiful.
    I have to agree with HQ about Ivanka’s hat. The placement does not look right. She has worn hats in the past, and looks great, but the positioning of this hat should change.

  15. It seems a little soon for HM to repeat her grocery shopping hat (as I now think of it), but the ensemble is so good, I can’t complain. Diplomatically chosen, indeed.

    Another cream straw for the Duchess of Cornwall! I’m not buying in to the crown shape, but I like the motion of the hat band and bow.

  16. I agree that that colour is splendid on Her Majesty. My late mother wore a hat of a very similar colour and style to my daughter’s wedding. The Duchess of Cornwall looks magnificent in her hat – it’s a very Camilla hat, isn’t it? My only quibble is all that white on the Duchess. I would have preferred a pastel colour for her dress, or some contrasting trim.

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