This Week’s Extras

Queen Elizabeth in an oft worn royal blue hat with feather trim for Sunday service at Balmoral last weekend
Queen Margrethe attended the 100th Anniversary of the first Danish church abroad in Herning yesterday, repeating the vibrant blue brimless hat with twisted bow we saw her debut last fall to open parliament

The new Imperial emperor and empress undertook their first events outside Tokyo today, attending the National Tree Planting Festival in Owariasahi. For this event, Empress Masako wore a pistachio green suit and streamlined white hat with curved brim and a a layered green hatband. It’s a good look on her, isn’t it?

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Stunning fuchsia & orange teardrop percher with feathers & abaca bows from British milliner Georgina Blyth
Sumptuous draped leather bandeau in beautiful shades of blue by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Natural straw floating disc with black lace and net trim
from London-based Turkish milliner Merve Bayindir
Lilac, blue & ivory straw boater with soaring ombre crin twists & feathers by Aussie brand Millinery by Mel
Black buntal straw saucer with vibrant silk abaca trim from British milliner Julian Garner
Pink teardrop beret with exquisitely beautiful layered silk abaca bows from Liverpool-based TMD Millinery
ADORE this teal felt veiled hugger with knot, feather and quill trim from Australian milliner Meg Rafter
Aptly named “Whirlpool” black and white wire trimmed button percher by British milliner Rachel Black
Sleek, minimalist cream straw saucer with soaring pheasant feathers by Canadian milliner Karyn Ruiz
Such fun! Taupe straw bandeau trimmed with hovering yellow & green butterflies from British milliner Katie Vale
Black textured button percher with amazing folded organdie trim from British milliner Olivia Johnson Hilton
Brilliant Harry Potter inspired headpiece for a young client by Marrison Millinery in Wiltshire
And from Jill Humphries, creator of Australian label Jill and Jack Millinery, a navy straw button percher with ecru curled quills and an exquisite blue scrollwork 3D printed horse (with feather tail!). As captivating as it is creative.

Very sweet photo of Prince Jigme Namgyel of Bhutan, who now is 3 years old, shared by his father

Photos from social media as indicated

10 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Lovely photo of Prince Jigme. He is a very handsome boy, and the background of the photo is spectacular!

    Congratulations and best wishes to Charlotte Casiraghi and Dmitri Rassam. She looks absolutely gorgeous in both dresses, but the white one, I can’t help but be reminded of her Grandmother, Princess Grace as she’s wearing her necklace and looks so much like her.

    – The fuchsia & orange teardrop percher from British milliner Georgina Blyth would look perfect on Autumn Phillips or the Duchess of Cambridge.
    – Love the leather bandeau by Dutch milliner Weis Mauduit! Princess Beatrice?
    – I am not a fan of boaters, but that lilac, blue & ivory straw boater with soaring ombre crin twists & feathers by Aussie brand Millinery by Mel is drop dead gorgeous! Princess Beatrice loves a boater, and she would look divine in this one. Or maybe the Duchess of Sussex in this pretty palette?
    – The black buntal straw saucer with vibrant silk abaca trim from British milliner Julian Garner would look terrific on Princess Eugenie.
    – I really like the look of the pink teardrop beret with silk abaca bows from Liverpool-based TMD Millinery. The Duchess of Cambridge?
    – The teal felt veiled hugger from Australian milliner Meg Rafter would look nice on Autumn Phillips, Zara Tindall, CP Mary, Duchess of Sussex, Princess Beatrice. It’s a knockout and very similar to the beautiful hat Lady Kitty Spencer wore to the Sussex wedding.
    – What a beautiful cream saucer from my fellow country woman Karyn Ruiz. Have we seen her designs before? This one is a gem and I think the Duchess of Cambridge or Queen Mathilde would look lovely in it.
    – Amazing work on the yellow & green butterflies from British milliner Katie Vale.
    – Love the fun Harry Potter inspired headpiece by Marrison Millinery in Wiltshire.

    Great posts this weekend Hat Queen! Thanks for all your hard work!!

    • I can’t believe I forgot to comment on the gorgeous hat and outfit Empress Masako wore. The color is so light and beautiful on her. She is just glowing and seems so confident in her new role.
      I look at these photos and others I saw online and Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako look to be thoroughly enjoying their new roles. Really interacting with people and relishing the moment. Empress Masako was shown in one photo on Getty Images high fiving a child. Great fun and what an extraordinary memory that child will always have.
      It was sad to see Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko retire, even though we wish them all well. But, I think they set an extraordinary standard for how the Imperial Family interacts with people. They shed that extreme formality and reverence that previously existed, and set an example that the new Emperor and Empress are embracing.
      I really hope the UK invites them for a State Visit soon. That would be so wonderful to see.

  2. Slight problem with the geography here, HQ! Balmoral is in SCOTLAND, miles away from Windsor. I hope you won’t object to my comment!

  3. Queen Margrethe: She appears to be wearing this hat further forward on her head this time, with the leading edge just on her right eyebrow, which I find very modish indeed. Those 2 pearl hatpins, however, stand out rather a lot against the blue – I would prefer less distracting pins, for example ones covered with blue fabric.
    Empress Masako: the thin and gently curving brim of this hat gives the hat a light summery look. Very nice indeed.
    Re the Tweet from Royal Ascot: Looks like someone in publicity isn’t aware that the word “simplistic” is a term of contempt :).I expect the gentlemen’s fashions this year to be very far from “simplistic”.
    I’ve got lots of burning questions waiting to be answered at this year’s Ascot. Will the York sisters be able to resist going all out with 4″ bandeaus? (permissible in the Royal Enclosure). Will the Princess Royal wear a hat 3 decades old? who will debut a new hat, or several new hats? Will any gentlemen at this year’s Ascot be wearing gloves (I hope so) as shown in the Royal Ascot gavotte scene from “My Fair Lady”.?(totally not a reliable source of period hats and fashion, but too fun to resist):

  4. Lovely selection of hats! Haven’t time to comment them all but the ones with luscious silk abaca are particularly appealing and have a summery feel about them.
    Jill Humphries dapple horse is perfectly stunning!

    Thank you HatQueen, for featuring my draped leather bandeau (more pictures to follow).
    (By the way, could it be that the spelling corrector is playing jokes with my name?)

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